Humanitarian corridor for Covid-19 vaccines will be provided—CPP

The Communist Party of the Philippines through its chief information officer, Marco Valbuena assured the public yesterday that humanitarian corridor will be provided for safe and unimpeded passage of Covid-19 vaccines in guerilla base and zones.

In a statement, Valbuena stated that it is a matter of principle for the NPA to respect all humanitarian undertakings that benefit the masses. He urged that the roll-out of vaccines especially in areas of armed conflict be undertaken by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Philippine Red Cross. He noted that these humanitarian agencies have personnel who are properly trained and who have the facilities to undertake such missions to handle the transportation, distribution and inoculation drive of Covid-19 vaccines.

He also suggested that non-Red Cross vehicles which will be used to transport vaccines be clearly marked with a red cross over white background.

Valbuena also suggested that the Duterte government not to use AFP military vehicles, especially those which are not properly marked and carrying armed soldiers. He noted that the AFP has been launching combat and psywar operations behind the veil of implementing Covid-19 restrictions.

“The people are traumatized by military garrisoning of their communities and helicopter gunships firing missiles thus using AFP to transport and handle vaccines will not encourage the people to be vaccinated,” he added.

Valbuena said people fear that the AFP might use the vaccination drive for its counterinsurgency campaign.

Humanitarian corridor for Covid-19 vaccines will be provided—CPP