CPP celebrates with CNL on its 49th anniversary

The Communist Party of the Philippines extended its solidarity to the Christians for National Liberation (CNL) on its 49th anniversary. The CNL was founded on February 17, 1972, on the centennial commemoration of the execution of Fathers Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora who fought for freedom from Spanish colonialism.

The CNL is a revolutionary organization of church people which partakes in the national democratic revolution. It vows to bear the “cross of sacrifice” and raise the “red banner of revolution”.

In time for its anniversary and the 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines, the CNL-Northern Luzon released a 14-page article on the complimentariness of Marxism and Christianity in the country.

Fr. Neo Padre Aglipay, spokesperson of CNL-Northern Luzon, stated in the article the tasks of the CNL under Duterte’s tyrannical regime. He further called on the “active participation of Christian believers in the revolutionary armed struggle.”

According to Marco Valbuena, CPP chief information officer, through the CNL, the Party is able to work with patriotic and democratic members of the religious community. He added in particular, “[those] who seek to serve the broad masses in their struggle to be free from national and social oppression.”

The CPP remembered scores of religious like Fr. Frank Navarro, Fr. Nilo Valerio, and Fr. Zacarias Agatep who saw their calling in the path of the people’s revolutionary struggle. “They braved the dark reign of terror. Their martyrdom will forever be remembered,” it said.

It ended by challenging the CNL and its members, “[They] must rouse the people and give them courage to fight amid grave dangers and great adversity.”

CPP celebrates with CNL on its 49th anniversary