Makibaka calls on Filipina women to take up arms

The Makabayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (Makibaka) yesterday honored all revolutionary Filipina women in their continued resistance against the Duterte fascist regime, as part of celebrations of International Working Women’s Day on March 8.

Makibaka called on its members to arouse and mobilize the broadest number of women and their families, most especially the exploited workers and farmers and the urban poor to fight for their interests.

Makibaka further said that the economic and political crises brought about by the pandemic and worsened by the regime’s fascist rampage, stir Fiipino women and the people to take the road of the revolution.

According to a research, the number of economically insecure women increased by 3.5 million nearly a year since the lockdown was imposed by the Duterte regime. From 16 million in 2019, this climbed to 19.54 million in 2020.

Makibaka is determined to expand assiduously, strengthen its ranks and advance the national democratic revolution, as it marks its 51st founding anniversary this year.

“Let us untiringly arouse and educate women on the alternative solution. Expand our membership manifold,” Makibaka said. “Amid the attacks, let us be resourceful and creative in explaining the armed struggle as the primary form of struggle. Daringly recruit women to join the New People’s Army,” it ended.

CPP, KM stand in solidarity with Makibaka on #IWD2021

Ka Marco Valbuena, Communist Party of the Philippines information officer, tweeted on March 8 in celebration of the women’s day: “In the revolution, women perform the most difficult tasks of leadership and practical day to day work, equally with men.”

“They are at the forefront & center of the struggle for national and social liberation, and the liberation of all women from oppression,” he added.

Meanwhile, Maria Laya Guerrero, spokesperson of the Kabataang Makabayan, celebrated the lives and sacrifices of women who chose the path of the armed revolution—not with a lack of fear, but with the certainty that the people’s triumph will outweigh any sacrifice or difficulty.

The National Democratic Front chapters in Southern Tagalog, Southern Mindanao and Ilocos also sent their solidarity messages to all resisting women. They all declared: “The Filipina women’s place is in the revolutionary armed struggle!”

Makibaka calls on Filipina women to take up arms