Revolutionary forces in Eastern Visayas honors Antonio "Ka Manlimbasog" Cabanatan and wife

The National Democratic Front in Eastern Visayas gave the highest honors to Ka Antonio “Manlimbasog” Cabanatan and his wife Florenda “Osang” Yap in a statement last April 11. Manlimbasog and Yap were abducted, secretly detained, physically and psychologically tortured for month until fascist forces murdered them on December 26, 2020. The NDF-EV said that both the Party leaders have retired from revolutionary work since 2017.

Furthermore, the NDF recognized Manlimbasog as one of the pioneers of the national democratic revolution in the region who began his active revolutionary work in the 1960s. Manlimbasog led the spread of revolutionary propaganda and established progressive mass organizations in the Visayas up to Northern Mindanao. Along with fellow students, he heeded the call to go to the countryside and sow the seeds of armed revolution along with the peasant masses.

“He became a member of the Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee, its executive committee and secretariat, and led Samar-Leyte subregional party committee.” said the NDF. Together with Ka Prudencio Calubid, they led the expansion of guerilla warfare in north-eastern Samar, Northern Samar and north-western Samar. In the 1980s, he played an active role in the Visayas and Mindanao Commission. He was also a member of the Central Committee of the Party, the Political Bureau and the Executive Committee. He stood for the 2nd Great Rectification and struggled against the opportunists in Visayas and Mindanao. He then led the Mindanao Commission which mounted great advances.

“Ka Manlimbasog was never hindered by his physical ability. He was a hunchback who stood tall among giants. Ka Manlimbasog served the revolution until his death. His determination and selflessness serves as inspiration among younger revolutionaries,” the NDF said.

The NDF-EV holds the Duterte regime, his AFP-PNP butchers and National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict accountable for the couple’s brutal murder and vowed to exact revolutionary justice.

Revolutionary forces in Eastern Visayas honors Antonio "Ka Manlimbasog" Cabanatan and wife