NPA-Bukidnon counters AFP operations; honors martyred Lumad fighter

Focused military operations continue non-stop in barangays and communities of Bukidnon since the last week of June. Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Bukidnon, however, have been able to maneuver and conduct counteroperations against both the 88th and 8th IB.

Combined forces of the two battalions attacked an NPA base in Barangay Iba, Cabanglasan on the afternoon of June 22. The NPA was able to countermanuever, killing four soldiers.

A few hours later, another NPA unit conducted two successive harassment and snipe operations against reinforcing soldiers in Barangay Cananga-an. Another responding unit of the AFP traversing Barangay Can-ayan, Malaybalay City was ambushed by Red fighters the next day. Two soldiers were killed on the spot.

On June 30, an NPA team ambushed an intelligence and gun-for-hire agent of the 88th IB in Barangay Apo Macote in Malaybalay. The said agent was responsible for the murder of activists and peasant leaders in the area.

Red fighters and operating soldiers engaged in another firefight in Barangay Mandahican, Cabanglasan town on July 31 where a Red fighter was killed.

“Your death is heavier than Mount Pantaron,” NPA-Bukidnon said, honoring the life offered by Lumad fighter Stoy Sedom (Ka Daligas). Before becoming a Red fighter, Ka Daligas served as a commander of the local people’s militia. He was key in uniting the community for production and livelihood activities.

Ka Daligas became a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines in 2014 and joined the NPA in 2017. He was known for his perseverance in organizing Lumad youth and inspiring them to join the armed revolution.

NPA-Bukidnon counters AFP operations; honors martyred Lumad fighter