NPA-Western Samar strikes at 19th IB anew

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Five fascist soldiers were killed and 12 were wounded after elements of the 19th Infantry Battalion were ambushed by the New People’s Army-Western Samar (Arnulfo Ortiz Command) in Barangay Santa Cruz, Matuguinao last September 26 at around five in the morning.

The NPA-AOC employed a command-detonated explosive (CDX) against a unit of the 19th IB. The battle lasted 30 minutes. The NPA-AOC fighters safely withdrew without casualty.

In reaction, the military fired 105mm howitzer rounds toward a waiting shed in nearby Barangay San Isidro around 7 a.m. Judging by the proximity to the ambush site, the artillery shelling aims to instill fear and endanger the masses.

Meanwhile, the NPA-Northern Samar (Rodante Urtal Command) harassed elements of the CAFGU under the 43rd IB in Barangay Pagsang-an, San Roque during the first week of September. The CAFGU elements, including their 43rd IB controller, scampered away. No NPA fighter was hurt.

Correspondence report from Larab

NPA-Western Samar strikes at 19th IB anew