NPA-Sorsogon uplifts Sorsoganons, pens open letter

Ka Samuel Guerrero, spokesperson of the New People’s Army (NPA) unit in Sorsogon, addressed Sorsoganons in an open letter amid relentless attacks of Duterte’s state forces. Most recent are cases of forced surrenders, illegal arrest of peasants and murder of civilians.

“Nakahanda ang NPA-Sorsogon na tumulong para kayo ay makatindig at lumaban,” Guerrero said. “Ginagawa ngayon ng NPA ang lahat nitong makakaya para ipagtanggol ang masang Sorosoganon.”

Sorsogon, along with Masbate, has become centers of Duterte’s counterinsurgency campaign in the Bicol region. In late 2015, the 9th ID had declared the two provinces as the “remaining provinces in the region where the threat of NPA insurgency to internal security remains a major concern.”

Guerrero also sympathized with former Red fighters and their families who are subjected to continued threats and harassment by state forces.

“Nauunawaan naming karamihan sa inyo ay tinakot, nilinlang at pinwersang sumakay sa pagpapasuko,” he told them. He further added that some former Red fighters were lured into this trap in hopes that state forces would not touch them.

Contrary to promises of the AFP, “surrenderee” Michael “Ka Teban” Bagasala was shot and killed by elements of the Philippine National Police last January 24.

Guerrero mentioned this modus in his open letter. “Ang masahol pa, kapag ayaw mag-aktibo laban sa NPA ang isang “surenderee” o wala nang pakinabang para sa estado ay sila na mismo ang pumapatay dito,” he said.

Sorsogon is spat with blood since Duterte signed Memorandum Order No. 32 which effectively placed the whole of Bicol along with Samar and Negros provinces under military control.

Activists in Sorsogon were arrested and have been murdered in broad daylight including human rights activists Nelly Bagasala and Ryan Hubilla who were shot and killed in June 2019. In May 2020, five civilian peasants were rounded up by the military and massacred in Dolos, Bulan.

Assuring Sorsoganons, Ka Samuel Guerrero ended: “Gumagawa ng paraan ang NPA-Sorsogon para parusahan ang mga pasistang sundalo at upisyal ng AFP na nasa likod ng mga pagpatay, pagtortyur, panggigipit at pananakot sa masa ng Sorsogon.”

NPA-Sorsogon uplifts Sorsoganons, pens open letter