3 91st IB troopers killed in NPA-Aurora encounter

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A unit of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Aurora safely withdrew following its encounter with the troops of the 91st IB on the morning of May 20 in Barangay Toytoyan, Dipaculao, Aurora. Meanwhile, where at least three soldiers of the fascist battalion were killed.

The NPA-Aurora vehemently denied that there were casualties among the Red fighters. The NPA-Central Luzon (Josepino Corpuz Command) responded to the information spread by the 7th ID that there was excessive damage to the Red fighters in the encounter.

The Red Army insisted that the failure of the 91st IB in the encounter was “proof that the NPA is invincible in Central Luzon.” Despite the repeated statements that the NPA guerrilla units in the region have been decimated and disbanded, the 7th ID declared that around “20 fighters” of the NPA attacked the 91st IB in Barangay Toytoyan.

Meanwhile, the NPA-Aurora assured the public that they only fired their bullets in the direction of the armed troops of the 91st in the said clash. “The comrades fought together and supported each other until they werer able to maneuver away from the scene of the encounter,” the NPA-Central Luzon said.

The People’s Army condemned the ongoing military violence inflicted by the AFP on civilian communities. They said the Marcos regime must respect international humanitarian law and human rights.

AB: 3 91st IB troopers killed in NPA-Aurora encounter