4th ID responsible for kidnapping in Bukidnon

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A certain Joy Delica, single, and 32 years old, has been missing for more than two months since 4th ID forces abducted him from the house where he was staying in Barangay New Compostella, Damulog, Bukidnon on March 18. Delica has been staying in the community because of an ailment.

The report said 30 4th ID soldiers stormed the house where Delica was staying at 3 a.m. They picked him up, tied his hands and feet and boarded him into a soldier’s vehicle.

Community residents insisted accompanying Delica to ensure his safety but the soldiers refused. They already feared that he would face the same ordeal as with many victims of state of abduction and secret detention, if not outrightly killed extrajudicially.

Residents narrated that soldiers told them to look up Delica at their headquarters the next day. To date, his whereabouts or whether he is safe is unknown.

Under the Marcos regime, at least 13 have been forcibly disappeared. Many more were abducted before being falsely presented as “surrendered” New People’s Army fighters, detained on criminal charges, or extrajudicially killed by state forces.

AB: 4th ID responsible for kidnapping in Bukidnon