Close to 100,000 Filipino fall victim to human rights violations in Marcos first year


Marcos closed his first year in office with almost 100,000 victims of human rights violations, ranging from extrajudicial killings to threats and intimidation.

This was the content of Ang Bayan’s Special Report, published on the CPP website last July 24, the same day that Ferdinand Marcos Jr delivered his second State of the Nation Address. This number does not include extrajudicial killings committed under the bogus war against drugs.

“There has been no change in form and substance of Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s campaign of suppression from those of his predecessors,” the report declared. It said Marcos’ first year was marked by “unabated counterinsurgency war in the countryside, taking the form of focused military operations, barrio occupations, bombings and forced civilian ‘surrenders’.”

“In fact, Marcos intensified the AFP’s rampage by declaring its intention to “decimate” what it claims are “remnants” of the revolutionary movement in the country.”

Using data from reports submitted by units of the people’s army and people’s organizations, AB was able to record 94,448 victims of human rights violations in 954 separate cases. This translates to two victims per day from June 30, 2022 to June 30 this year. Incidents were highest last October 2022 with the AB logging 117 cases.

According to the report, the Marcos regime committed numerous and repeated human rights violations in all regions across the country:

  • 103 people were extrajudicially killed, at the rate of 9 people murdered each month in the past 12 months, mainly during the course of its brutal anti-people counterinsugency campaign
  • 95 people were tortured
  • 97 were abducted with some surfaced as prisoners, others as killed-in-action in fake encounters
  • 88 were physically assaulted, some resulting in serious injuries
  • 202 were illegally arrested and detained
  • 1,405 suffered coercion
  • 45,266 victims of forced evacuation and dislocation
  • 26,240 victims of threats, harassment and intimidation

Comparing records from various regions, AB was able to record the most number of cases in the Negros Island, followed by Southern Tagalog and Bicol. It should be noted, however, that the report is incomplete as numerous fronts have not been able to submit their data due to intense AFP combat operations.

Ang Bayan is the CPP’s official newspaper. The full report is available here. (CPP Information Bureau)

AB: Close to 100,000 Filipino fall victim to human rights violations in Marcos first year