NPA exposes 94th IB lies in the alleged encounter in Kabankalan City

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The New People’s Army (NPA)-South Central Negros (Mt. Cansermon Command) denied the 94th IB statements regarding two encounters with the people’s army in Barangay Carol-an, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental on May 6.

“No NPA unit was in that area when the alleged encounter took place,” according to Dionesio Magbuelas, spokesperson of the NPA unit. “All units under the NPA-South Central Negros are safe and continue to implement their tasks in the area covered by their operation.”

Since no unit of the people’s army was in that area, Ka Dionesio expressed his concern for the condition of civilians and residents in Barangay Carol-an. “The 94th IB troops possibly committed another violation of human rights in the area, only covered up by reporting a fake encounter,” he said.

In fact, more than 480 residents of Sityo Tagoc, Bobon, and Matampa of Barangay Carol-an were forced to evacuate due to the AFP’s fake encounter. The victims include at least 146 minors and 14 elderly adults living in the barangay.

This is not new among the dirty tactics of the 94th IB. “As in the past months, in every news of a fake encounter and claimed confiscation of weapons, innocent farmers are also illegally arrested, beaten and investigated,” he said.

The 94th IB’s claimed encounter also starkly contradicts the 3rd ID’s declaration that it has already crushed the NPA-South Central Negros in December 2023.

Ka Dionesio insists that the 94th IB only aims for a bounty from the show of successive encounters and victories against the people’s army in said guerilla front. In the 94th IB statement, that claim they engaged the NPA unit twice, which allegedly lasted for 10 and five minutes.

AB: NPA exposes 94th IB lies in the alleged encounter in Kabankalan City