NPA-Western Samar seizes R4 rifle in ambush against 3rd IB

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Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Western Samar (Arnulfo Ortiz Command) seized an R4 rifle when it ambushed the 3rd IB in Barangay Gayondato, San Jorge, Western Samar, at 9 a.m. on May 14. One officer of the 3rd IB was killed and another was wounded.

The report said 3rd IB soldiers went out of its camp in Barangay Gayondato to bathe when the Red fighters fired. The 3rd IB leadership brazenly lied that their troopers are in the area responding to residents’ reports of people’s army presence in the area.

The offensive killed Cpl. Reycon Remedio and injured another soldier.

Since January, the 3rd IB unit has been stationed in Barangay Gayondato after setting up a military camp despite the residents’ resistance. The barangay has been under martial rule since then.

Elements of the 3rd IB occupied and imposed their rule on all San Jorge barrios. In Barangay Matalud, a gate pass is required of every person going out and residents are called for a meeting every evening. Because of this, the masses extremely despise the 3rd IB for its militarization as this disrupts their living and livelihood.

Soldiers impose time limits for working in the fields. Bringing rice or sardines to their farm is banned. They are only allowed to bring cooked rice and sardines that are out of the can. Thus, they are forced to walk back home at high noon for lunch and lose rest time in the fields.

The people’s army explained the tactical offensive is its response to the masses’ complaint of fascist soldiers’ abuse and harassment. Before the ambush, the NPA-Western Samar also carried out a sting operation against CAFGU detachments in May.

The NPA harassed a CAFGU detachment in Barangay Santo Niño, Motiong and Barangay San Fernando, Jiabong where a soldier and a member of the CAFGU were killed.

AB: NPA-Western Samar seizes R4 rifle in ambush against 3rd IB