Updated report on AFP aerial bombing and strafing, and shelling


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Introduction to the dataset

The Aerial Bombing, Aerial Strafing and Shelling Dataset maintained by the CPP Information Bureau, updated as of July 15, 2022, contains information about 151 incidents of aerial bombing and strafing, and artillery shelling from May 2017 to April 2022. The data is based on reports of units of the NPA (both publicly available statements, and internal reports), as well as news stories based on incidents publicized by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The actual number of incidents is estimated to be much bigger considering that many incidents of aerial bombing and strafing, and artillery shelling were not reported. Of the total number of incidents, 108 involve aerial bombings, 66 involve artillery shelling, and 49, aerial strafing. The number of aerial strafing is likely much bigger considering that almost every round of aerial bombing is followed through with rounds of aerial strafing, but are not mentioned in the statements or reports.

The numbers of ammunition spent is also an understatement of the actual number of used by the AFP. In the dataset, we recorded only “1” bomb in at least 50 incidents where there are no details as to the number of bombs dropped (“nambomba”). We also recorded “1” in at least 26 incidents of artillery shelling where reports lacked detail (“nanganyon”).

“Bombs” refer to either 250-kg or 125-kg bombs which are dropped using FA-50 jet fighters, OV-10 bomber planes or the newer Super Tucano aircraft; or smaller rockets fired from Augusta Westland or MG520 attack helicopters can carry and fire six rockets successively in one round of bombing. “Artillery shells” are typically 105-mm rounds fired from howitzers (cannons). “Strafing rounds” refer to the number of incidents where there are reports of (aerial) strafing, typically using 50-caliber machineguns mounted on helicopters or jetfighters.

Majority of the incidents recorded are related to AFP counterinsurgency operations against the NPA. Some incidents of bombing and strafing against Moro rebel fighters in the Bangsamoro areas are also included in the records. The 5-month bombing operations of the AFP that pulverized Marawi City in 2017 is not included in this dataset.

The dataset (in csv format) can be downloaded and reviewed.

We welcome additional information, as well as suggestions to help further improve this report.

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Communist Party of the Philippines

A resident stands at the center of a crater created by one of the three 500-lb bomb dropped by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Barangay Caputoan, Las Navas, Northern Samar on October 26, 2019. The bombing damaged the farms of 13 families, their grains store and other properties.


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