14 firearms, including 9 high-powered rifles, seized by NPA-Eastern Samar

At least 14 firearms, including nine high-powered rifles, were seized by the New People’s Army-Eastern Samar (Sergio Lobina Command or NPA-SLC) in their successful tactical offensive against fascist state troops in Barangay Dorillo, Jipapad, last October 7, 2022.

The Red fighters confiscated seven R4 rifles, an M203 grenade launcher, a Galil assault rifle, three .45 caliber pistols, and two 9mm pistols from troops of the 52nd Infantry Battalion and municipal police who were conducting Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) operations in Dorillo and camping in its barangay hall.

The NPA-SLC assaulted the fascist troops who were still sleeping and drunk from the town fiesta. After an 11-minute exchange of gunfire, the remaining enemy troops surrendered. Killed were SSgt Jhon Claire G. Flores and PFC Mark Edupunchu R. Siscar. Wounded were Sgt Allan Espinosa Talania, PFC Mengote, and PFC Gilbert P. Irasga, all of whom also surrendered to the NPA. A PAT Comar Glino Nimez of the municipal police also surrendered. Medical officers of the NPA-SLC immediately gave first aid to the wounded enemy troops.

The NPA-SLC also seized several rounds of ammunition and magazines, eight ammo pouches, nine military packs, two transceiver radios and a Harris radio. They also confiscated cellphones, powerbanks and other military equipment.

Before the NPA offensive, the troops of the 52nd IB indiscriminately fired their weapons in “celebration” of the town fiesta. This did not deter the Red fighters from pursuing the tactical offensive and attaining victory.

The peasant masses in Jipapad are elated by the victory of their true army against the fascist RCSP troops who have been disturbing their lives and livelihood. The masses have long demanded for the soldiers to leave their communities. They eagerly assisted the Red fighters in launching and retreating from the offensive. It is proof of the deeply-rooted support the NPA enjoys in Eastern Samar, belying enemy declarations that the revolutionary movement is finished in the province.

In their shame, the fascist AFP fired two rounds of their 105mm howitzer towards farmlands between Barangay Dorillo and Barangay Cagmanaba the day after the offensive. At least eight columns of fascist troops combed through the area to pursue the NPA-SLC but to no avail.

The Regional Operations Command of the NPA in Eastern Visayas congratulates the NPA-SLC for their solid tactical offensive against the fascist RCSP troops in Dorillo. The Red fighters masterfully displayed their military and political superiority over the enemy, their shining record of adherence to the Three Rules of Conduct and Eight Points of Discipline, as well as their steadfastness to honor the CARHRIHL. This is despite the wanton fascist state terrorism, all-out war and “take no prisoners” policy of the US-Marcos regime. (January 16, 2023 Statement)


14 firearms, including 9 high-powered rifles, seized by NPA-Eastern Samar