3ID butchered NDFP Consultant Rogelio Posadas

The fascist generals and their rabid mouthpieces are frantic in covering up the truth of how they butchered National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Consultant Rogelio Posadas (Ka Cocoy) and the enforced disappearance of Lyngrace Marturillas, Renel delos Santos and Renal Mialen.

They spent millions on an expensive drama-serye to make believable their made-up story of Posadas gunned down during a 10-minute firefight with the 62nd Infantry Battalion (62nd IB) and 94th IB at Sitio Cabite, Barangay Santol, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental on April 20, while deliberately shrugging off the demand of the families of the other three victims to surface their kin.

Their claim of back-to-back encounters are all tired scripts backed by soldiers indiscriminately firing near farmer communities in Barangays Santol and Payao, Binalbagan, and Barangay Camangcamang, Isabela that have caused trauma and fear among residents.

The Philippine Army went as far as transporting Ka Cocoy’s dead body by helicopter from the headquarters of the 303rd Brigade in Murcia, Negros Occidental, a flying distance of 50 kilometers to Binalbagan, to plant the cadaver in the so-called encounter site. His blood is still evident on the ground where butcher soldiers carelessly planted his body, a backpack (notably not his own) and other paraphernalia to demonstrate an outcome of a gun battle.

Ka Cocoy, after being waylaid around 6pm on April 19 along Isabela-Hinigaran Road, was a captive of the bloodthirsty military for more or less eight hours. Without a doubt, he was subjected to physical and mental torture before they killed him. Thus, the overwhelming concern for the three others who are still in the hands of these fascists.

Summarily executing revolutionaries is a continuing policy of a politically weak regime such as that of Duterte and Marcos Jr. Negros Island has a long list of murdered revolutionaries like NDFP Consultant Ericson Acosta, NPA Negros Spokesperson Juanito Magbanua (Romeo Nanta), Kerima Tariman, Florida Ceballos, Arjen Mahinay, Junjun Callet, Marilyn Badayos, Rudy Carbajosa, Ronilo Desabille, Rufino Bocaval. They were all captured defenseless and then killed in cold-blood similar with the slaughter of Benito and Wilma Tiamzon and eight comrades, Jorge Madlos (Ka Oris), Menandro Villanueva, and many others.

No matter how the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the National Task Force (NTF)-Elcac twist facts and fabricate stories, the truth cannot be concealed from the people of Isabela and Binalbagan who witnessed intensified militarization in their communities from April 10 onwards, the human rights violations perpetrated by soldiers of the 94th and 62nd IB against their families and neighbors, and, most of all, the actual abduction of NDFP consultant Rogelio Posadas, Lyngrace Marturillas, Renel delos Santos and Renal Mialen on April 19.

The national democratic revolution primarily waged through armed struggle continues because of the prevailing basic problems of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. This is what escapes the understanding of fascist Army generals such as Arevalo, Sison, and Edralin. They do not grasp that their growing desperation to destroy the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA) and the NDFP gives life to a stronger and ever determined generation of revolutionaries who will surmount the current revolutionary challenges and carry forward the Philippine revolution.

The Apolinario Gatmaitan Command of the NPA’s Negros Island Regional Operational Command (AGC-NPA) with its five guerrilla fronts, under the absolute leadership of the CPP, persists in launching armed struggle, implementing agrarian revolution and building organs of political power. While it is true that the revolutionary ranks face difficulties and hardships upon the death of our comrades, we are also inspired and strengthened by their exemplary lives devoted to serving the people to the very last.

Unlike the bourgeois state ruled by dictators and imperialist puppets, the revolutionary movement is never headless nor leaderless. Here in Negros Island, there is a bottomless bench of Party cadres and a spring of young revolutionaries who are prepared to defeat the counterrevolutionary war of the Marcos II regime and stir up and spread the flames of guerrilla warfare and carry forward the protracted people’s war.###

3ID butchered NDFP Consultant Rogelio Posadas