94th IB will pay for its numerous human rights violations

The massacre of the Fausto family, including two minors, yesterday, June 14, in their home at Sitio Kangkiling, Brgy. Buenavista, Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental is a mark of the evil deeds of the 94th Infantry Battalion (IB) that sow state terror in the mountainous areas of the said city. The 94th IB headed by its commander, Lt. Col. Van Donald Almonte, pretended to be pro-people and an advocate of peace upon sending letters to residents of Brgy. Buenavista last month. But cases of intimidation and harassment, ransacked houses, illegal arrests, torture, abduction, extrajudicial killings and many others reek of their lies and ruthlessness.

Since the 94th IB was founded and assigned to Negros Island on 2018, it has perpetrated more than 150 cases of violation of human rights and international humanitarian law that caused grave harm to residents in Central Negros. More than 18,000 residents of Moises Padilla, Isabela, Binalbagan, Himamaylan City and Kabankalan City in Negros Occidental, and Guihulngan City, Jimalalud, Ayungon and Manjuyod in Negros Oriental were affected by abuses of this military troop. It has summarily killed 34 individuals, the latest of which is the massacre of the Fausto family.

Officials and members of five farmer and farm workers associations in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental were not spared from the attacks of the 94th IB. They were forced to surrender and condemn the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA) and other organizations tagged as “front organizations.” Fabricating a list of individuals and associations who allegedly “surrendered,” abducting and torturing civilians, killing their victims if uncooperative, planting firearms and illegal materials, and branding their victim as NPA casualty in fake encounters have become the AFP’s impunity measures. It invents scripted incidents and evidences for the public eye to justify expending millions from the AFP budget into military operations.

Similar to other military battalions on Negros Island, the 94th IB accumulates awards in exchange for each person they brutally torture and kill, for every captured and surrendered individual, and the numerous number of people’s lives and livelihood they have destroyed through indiscriminate firing and shelling in the countryside. From combatant to official, they bloodthirstily pursue the people to become victims in their scripted drama wherein they will surely be hailed as heroes. They are like rabid dogs fighting over positions, ranks, power and fortune.

Like his commander, Edralin, Lt. Col. Almonte is daydreaming in his tiresome statements of defeating the NPA. The entire revolutionary movement is confident that the AFP, PNP, and other mercenary agents of the reactionary government who wreak havoc on the lives of the Filipino people, mainly the toiling masses, are the terrorists. The revolutionary movement has achieved victories in more than five decades because of the never-ending support of the masses to their genuine army. Time will come when the people will hold the butcher military accountable for the long list of violations of the people’s democratic rights. The 94th IB will pay dearly for impeding the people from realizing social liberation and democracy.###

94th IB will pay for its numerous human rights violations