AFP suffers 5 KIA in series of encounters in Moises Padilla and Guihulngan City

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The LPC-NPA mounted a counteroffensive against attacking troops of the 62nd IB last May 20, 2023 at around 5 AM in Sitio Napiluan, Barangay Quintin Remo, Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental. At least 4 enemies were killed in action, according to witnesses who saw state forces carrying cadavers in Brgy Sibucawan, Isabela. The fascist soldiers were in a rush to raid the residence of the Ramirez family in the said sitio where a unit of the NPA rested after a long travel. Julwar ‘Ka Ryan’ Luciano was also martyred on the 3rd encounter in the area.

Alvin ‘Ka Dagger’ Bayno, hailing from Sitio Caliban, Barangay Banog-banog, Isabela, Negros Occidental was wounded and subsequently killed by the 62nd IB in accordance with their policy of ‘no NPA is to be captured alive’, in utter disregard to CARHRIHL. Ruben Obidas, 49, a farmer from Sitio Nakuruhan, Brgy Quintin Remo also suffered the same fate. After being wounded from AFP strafing and indiscriminate firing, he was murdered by the 62IB. Meanwhile, civilian couple Juliven Ramirez, 23, and Evelyn Meren, 31, both from Sitio Napiluan, were also murdered by the AFP.

Another encounter ensued in Sitio Amumuyong, Barangay Trinidad, Guihulngan City on the same day at around 5 AM between the NPA and the 16th Scout Ranger Company. 1 enemy was KIA, while Cristito ‘Ka Cris’ Nelles Jr and Rolly ‘Ka Marnie’ Benero was martyred during the firefight. Still hungry for blood and desperate due to their failure of crushing the NPA in Central Negros, the murderous AFP killed Antonio Babor, 77 and his son, Jurielen Babor, 27, farmers and residents of the area. To cover up the crime, state forces planted guns in the murder scene.

Continue to advance the armed struggle!
Long live the revolutionary martyrs!
Let them be our inspiration, along with the broad masses that we serve!

AFP suffers 5 KIA in series of encounters in Moises Padilla and Guihulngan City