AFP unleashes anew its monstrosity on civilians in Toboso

Operating troops of #DiMasaligan79IB, in unabashed display of its fascist character, perpetrated scores of human rights abuses against civilians in Barangay San Isidro, Toboso, Negros Occidental during its latest military operations from March 17-20.

Eight (8) fascist soldiers ransacked the home and unlawfully rummaged the belongings of Benjie Nuevo, a sugar farmworker, in Sitio Serahe at around 11 AM of March 19. Nuevo was not home at the time.

On March 17, Buhat spouses, sugar farmworkers from Sitio Bomba, was repeatedly subjected to various forms of human rights abuses.

The first abuse was perpetrated by 9 fascist soldiers at around 6 AM forcing the couple to sell their raised chickens at unreasonable price. At noontime, as the wife went home from farmwork, another group of 10 fascist troops trained their high-powered rifles (HPR) at her causing her to almost faint out of fear. In the afternoon, the husband was harshly interrogated on his way home. Few hours later, 15 rowdy and ill-mannered soldiers barged into their residence and stayed for the night at their nearly finished house transforming it to military barrack.

The health condition of the wife who is suffering from heart ailment have worsen as result of their ordeal in the hands of #DiMasaligan79IB.

Another incident of human rights abuses was reported in Sitio Serahe on February 13. Four (4) elements of #DiMasaligan79IB trained their HPR at civilian Jusmine Rebelica Tapang while she was tending to her carabao.

These series of attacks on civilians were perpetrated in lieu of 303Bde Col. Edralin’s relentless focused military operations, VisCom Lt. Gen. Benedict Arevalo’s obsession to crush the NPA by end of the first quarter of 2023 and AFP’s heightened operational tempo in response to the directive of the illegitimate and fascist US-Marcos II regime to eliminate the revolutionary movement.

The overall operational campaign, being ruthless to civilians and anti-people to the core, unveil its desperation to attain their unachievable goal of crushing the undefeatable NPA. It further unmask the true nature of the reactionary AFP in general and #DiMasaligan79IB in particular as the protectors of big landlords and compradors and their imperialist masters. Their reactionary, fascist and anti-people character isolated them from the broad toiling masses.

The NPA enjoys the people’s boundless support and unbreakable close link. It adheres to strict discipline anchored on serving the people such as speaking politely, buying goods at a reasonable price, and respect for women among others. With this discipline and the justness of the war it is waging, the NPA is welcome and even look for in rural communities. As a genuine people’s army, no counter-insurgency campaigns can crush the NPA.

AFP unleashes anew its monstrosity on civilians in Toboso