Another fake surrenderee in Santa Catalina–RMPC-NPA

The Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB)-7 has again spewed lies in its claim that an alleged rebel has surrendered to them and turned over a caliber .38 revolver, the Rachelle Mae Palang Command-New People’s Army Southeast Negros Front (RMPC-NPA) said on Sunday.

According to Ka Estrella Banagbanag, RMPC-NPA spokesperson, another innocent farmer has fallen victim to the corrupt business of state forces that is the E-CLIP aimed to conjure the illusion of a “dismantled” guerrilla front in Southeast Negros.

“The so-called ‘remnant,’ a certain alias ‘Genie,’ is actually Tonying Sulano, a mere farmer in his 30s from Barangay Nagbalaye, Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental,” Banagbanag said.

Banagbanag likewise remarked that the Sulano family has been subjected to red-tagging, harassment, and forced surrender in the RMFB detachment in Barangay Nagbagang, Santa Catalina.

The rebel spokesperson also recalled that Tonying’s brother, Onyot Sulano, was murdered by the 11th IB last 2021, while his uncle Nene Sulano was forced by the RMFB to surrender last 2022 in exchange for the freedom of his two sons.

The said deal has led to the current detention of at least six members of the Sulano family by the RMFB with no freedom in sight.

“After the harassment suffered by the Sulano family, including the murder of Nene Sulano’s son-in-law Franklin Lariosa during the Oplan Sauron 2 of the Philippine National Police (PNP) last March 2019, the NTF-ELCAC has converted some of the family members as intelligence assets and military guides,” Banagbanag said. “Clearly the 11th Infantry Battalion (IB) and the RMFB-7 are desperate to cover up their failure to prevent the armed revolution from persisting in Southeast Negros.”

Moreover, Banagbanag, in an earlier statement, noted the increasing state-sponsored crimes in Southeast Negros in the first year of the current Marcos regime.

Banagbanag reported the extrajudicial killing of Crisanto Lagradilla on July 1 last year by the 11th IB, three fake encounters and 10 cases of forced and fake surrenders.

According to Banagbanag, forcing civilians to become intelligence agents amidst relentless military operations is also rampant in Santa Catalina, Siaton, Pamplona, Valencia, Sibulan and Bayawan City, all in Negros Oriental.

Banagbanag also recalled the brutal Pamplona massacre that killed Gov. Roel Degamo and eight others last March 4 wherein most of the suspects came from the ranks of military and police.###

Another fake surrenderee in Santa Catalina–RMPC-NPA