In celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the founding of the New People's Army Be fearless, overcome difficulties, and win more victories to advance the people's war!

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The Leonardo Panaligan Command of the New People’s Army in Central Negros is in solidarity with Party cadres, red fighters and commanders, the masses and their revolutionary organizations in the celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the NPA. On this occasion we also give the firmest red salute to Virgilio “Ka Bidam” Tamban and Ben Jack “Ka Yuhan” Rueles, and all the martyrs and heroes of the revolution who have gave their lives to fight for the interests of the oppressed.

Through the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the LPC-NPA has garnered comprehensive victories in armed struggle, agrarian revolution, and mass base building this year. Despite great difficulties, the thousand threads that bind the masses and the NPA in Central Negros has proven that any hurdle can be surmounted through collective action.

Victories amid difficulties

From March 2021 to March 2022, the LPC-NPA has mounted 35 military actions (around 3 per month), confiscating firearms that can arm a section-sized unit. Various attritive and annihilative actions resulted to at least 60 casualties in the side of the AFP, PNP, state agents, paramilitary and lawless elements.

May it be from the urban areas or the countryside, the masses voluntarily join the ranks of the NPA. Of the platoon-sized recruits, mostly come from the militant youth determined to wage armed struggle. Furthermore, the battalion-strong militia units and self-defense corps have also been maintained, aiding Red fighters in implementing revolutionary law and other tasks in the guerilla front.

Through the aid of the NPA, mass organizations launched antifeudal campaigns to improve their livelihood. This resulted to the confiscation and cultivation of around 70 hectares of land from a local landlord. Farm workers’ wages were also raised by at least P50 in 2 haciendas.

Amid the AFP’s relentless company to battalion-sized focused military operations, the LPC was able to wage extensive and intensive guerilla warfare through an ever-widening and ever-deepening mass base. Despite enemy presence, establishment of new organs of political power, meetings of different levels of mass organizations, educational discussions and propaganda, and aiding students in their learning modules have continued through clandestine means. The consolidation, recovery and expansion of areas in Negros Oriental and Occidental continued, with the guerilla front’s mass base amounting to over 155,000.

The NPA’s medical services (alternative and herbal medicine, circumcision, minor surgeries, medical orientations especially during the pandemic, etc.) catered to the needs of the masses. With the help of Red Fighters, mass organizations in Central Negros of PKM, KM and MAKIBAKA also implemented different livelihood projects to supplement their needs. Through collective efforts, houses and farm lots were rehabilitated after Supertyphoon Odette. Problems and conflicts among the masses were also resolved with comrades acting as arbiters.

Patriotic and progressive forces have also been consolidated in the campaign to frustrate the tyrannical alliance of bureaucratic plunderers Marcos, Arroyo, and Duterte (MAD). The NPA enlightened various sectors that only a broad united front can defeat the MAD alliance, stop their crimes against the Negrosanons, and bring back the possibility of peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP to address the roots of the armed conflict.

Challenging tasks

The political and economic crisis that has befallen the country has adversely affected different sectors in Central Negros. Rising oil prices (resulting to over P80/liter in local retailers) due to inter-imperialist conflict and finance speculation, the threat of sugar importation, and slow-paced government relief efforts imbibed with politicking has worsened poverty affecting the majority of the population. Adding on to what is already a heavy burden for the poor, the AFP/PNP/NTF-ELCAC combine has commited several dozens of gross human rights violations against defenseless civilians in Central Negros, including the illegal arrest of Harlyn Balora, and the murders of Arnold Suerte and Henry Hermoso. Either by hunger, poverty, or bullets, the oppressed are being murdered day by day in the tyrants’ desperate cling to power.

As the end of Duterte’s official term draws near, the regime is expected to execute its most vicious of schemes in the coming months using the mercenary AFP-PNP. The attempts of the MAD alliance to discredit and subdue the broad opposition as the national elections are approaching requires utmost vigilance and bravery. Atrocities committed by reactionary troops should be exposed in the media. The LPC-NPA encourages the masses to continue expressing their dissent to uphold their right to suffrage especially as the threat of election fraud looms with Duterte’s tight hold on the entire state apparatus.

Clearly, the murderous regime cannot comprehend that the masses are the real strength of the NPA. No amount of military overspending, modern weaponry or outright fascism can defeat the might of the oppressed resolute in waging the national democratic revolution through the protracted people’s war to topple the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system.

With this, the LPC-NPA will continue to mount tactical offensives to punish fascist elements, state forces and units with blood debts and notorious crimes against the people. Rooted among the masses, it is also determined to continue arousing, organizing, and mobilizing the masses in Central Negros to heed their demands for genuine land reform, national industrialization, social services, and lasting peace. Anti-imperialist, antifeudal and antifascist mass campaigns will persevere and achieve greater heights as the socioeconomic crisis worsens compelling the people to support their genuine army.

The US-Duterte regime’s brazen brutality and the growing inter-imperialist conflict only show that the moribund status quo should be overthrown by the seizure of political power through armed revolution. The LPC-NPA enjoins the oppressed people, especially the youth, to take up arms and carry forward the people’s democratic revolution. The circumstances have become fertile ground for the growth of revolutionary forces, and through our daringness to struggle, the NPA and the people’s war can only flourish until certain victory.

Long live the 53rd anniversary of the NPA!

Be fearless, overcome difficulties, and win more victories to advance the people's war!