HPR and ammos, among NPA recoveries from Calatrava ambush

Roselyn Jean Pelle Command of the New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) – Northern Negros Guerilla Front and the whole revolutionary forces and allies congratulate its fierce Red commanders and fighters for the recent successful ambush against counter-insurgent local police force last August 9, 2023.

Operatives of the said tactical offensive safely returned to a guerilla base bringing with them war materials recovered from such military action, along with the lessons of the great breakthrough experience.

Recovered high-powered firearms (HPR) include a Galil Ace 22 N Caliber 5.56 (Serial Number x45 IWI), a Colt M-16 A1 (Serial Number 4910082) – US Government property, and a Colt M-16 (Serial Number 9039275). The fourth HPR, which is a Colt M-16 rifle, was also recovered but damaged by the command-detonated mine explosion. Ammunition vest was also seized, with 16 fully loaded long Calibre 5.56 magazines.

Several documents and other materials with intelligence value were also seized by the Red fighters, as well as assorted mobile phones (keypad and touch screen) and identification cards.

To the Filipino masses, especially those from Northern Negros, the NPA will do whatever it takes to avenge and bring justice in these times of worsening socio-economic crisis and worsening state fascism lead by the US-Marcos II regime.

Lastly, RJPC-NPA raises its newly acquired firearms to all revolutionaries willfully killed by state forces.###

HPR and ammos, among NPA recoveries from Calatrava ambush