Military abuses in Escalante lie behind the false claims and pomposity of the 79th IBPA

Fascist attacks by elements of the 79th IB Philippine Army, PNP-SAF and RMF continue against the peasants, fishermen, and civilians of North Negros. Their so-called victories against the revolutionary movement are nothing but shameless pomp, along with the false claims they report as “accomplishments” in their fascist operations.

The arrest of two fishermen in Escalante City last April 5 is again paraded as an “accomplishment” by the AFP. Fabricated charges were filed against Francisco Laza, the chairman of the Danao River Fishermen Association (DARIFA), after the 79th IB planted a gun and grenade and tagged these ordinary folk as NPAs. The soldiers’ brazen tactic of planting falsified “NPA anniversary banners” on Laza has reached the attention of the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command (RJPC). This truly is a shameless, shameless justification for Laza’s warantless and baseless arrest.

The 79th IBPA, PNP-SAF and RMF have spread these stinking lies to whitewash the grave human rights abuses against the residents, fisherfolk and civilians whose homes were ransacked by government troopers in Hacienda Gaylan, Barangay Langub, Escalante City on April 5, 2019.

Based on the investigation of the RJPC-NPA, these lying fascist elements of the 79th IB, PNP-SAF and RMF boast that they captured Laza in a COMELEC checkpoint in the same barangay. In addition to our close investigation, it was known that the PNP-Escalante led by its OIC, PLtCol Nacerato Sabando Jr collaborated with the soldiers and special police forces in inventing the scenario that would justify Laza’s illegal arrest. After having gobbled their fill of dried fish and chickens that they stole from the masses, and for them to cover their humiliating abuses of ranscaking homes in Hacienda Gaylan from the public eye, Sabando collaborated with these government troopers in conjuring this drama of a checkpoint by the 79th IB, PNP-SAF and RMF, led by their platoon leader PLt John Paul Tabujara and their intel operative minion 1st Lt Paul Ryan Aceboque. Shameless lying thieves! The people will never forget your crimes and abuses.

Also, the 79th IB constantly brags of the so-called NPAs, so-called unit militia members, and the ordinary folk they tag as supporters of the revolutionary movement that have “surrendered” to the government. They parade these “surrenderees” every week at their HQ in Barangay Bato, Sagay City, the latest of which, 20 civilians were again made to “surrender” on Marso 30, 2019. The attacks against civilians and communities are intensifying along with their money-making schemes under the Enhanced Local Integration Program or E-CLIP corruption racket of the military and the fascist US-Duterte regime.

The RJPC and the whole revolutionary movement in Negros warn these anti-people, rotten elements in the reactionary government that we shall not think twice in heeding the people’s demand to grant revolutionary justice for victims of military abuses and for the oppressed and exploited masses.

The RJPC-NPA calls on the people to stand their ground and defy the treacherous campaign of the military in coercing them to “surrender”or “clear their names.” Ordinary civilians have no reason to “clear their names” with this rotten and criminal Duterte government. This deceptive modus can be used against them in the course of Duterte’s barbarous attacks against the people. Instead, Duterte, Arevalo, Bulalacao, Sinas and other fascist criminals must face the people and answer for their crimes of EJK, tokhang and massacres here in Negros.

The people must forward their complaints to the genuine people’s democratic government in the guerilla zones because your beloved people’s army, the New People’s Army, is ever ready to defend the people against the abusive fascist criminals here in Negros.

Military abuses in Escalante lie behind the false claims and pomposity of the 79th IBPA