Negrosanons see right through 3rd ID’s lies


MGen. Marion Sison cannot do anything but whine because he cannot credibly deny the brutal massacre of five Red fighters in Bilar, Bohol, the killing of farmer Jose Caramihan in Escalante City, Negros Occidental and the aerial bombing and artillery shelling in Escalante City and another in San Joaquin, Iloilo last month. These are all clear violations of the international humanitarian law committed by soldiers under Sison’s command as 3rd Infantry Division chief. Therefore, he is also very much accountable.

The people themselves have witnessed and many of them were also victims of the monstrous crimes perpetrated by reactionary state forces. No amount of deodorizing can hide the stink of Sison and his lackeys’ mouths that spew lies and disinformation.

Sison insists that the whole of nation approach is effective in Western and Central Visayas but their measure of success are vile such as the number of civilians they force to surrender as members or supporters of the New People’s Army (NPA), the number of civilians and hors de combat they kill, the number of communities they terrorize and, most important for greedy top dogs, the big sums they are able to corrupt from costly military operations, the surrender fund and token community projects like the Support Barangay Development Program.

The commanders and generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) can only boast of the size of their forces, the number and power of their firearms and artillery, their helicopters and attack planes, 500-lb bombs, and spy planes and surveillance drones. But that is all they have.

The AFP does not have the unfathomable support of the masses because it launches a fascist, anti-people counterrevolutionary war. On the other hand, the people embraces the justness of the armed struggle waged by the NPA under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and takes active part in it. That is the NPA’s bottomless source of strength.

The troops of the AFP have shallow political unity. They have low morale and motivation to fight because most are only after a hefty salary. They are angry for being made into cannon fodders by their ambitious generals. They are demoralized by deep-seated military corruption. They are ashamed of the deception being propagated to hide the piling crimes of their ranks and officials.

In contrast, Red commanders and fighters are binded by firm political unity to achieve national liberation and democracy. This political consciousness engenders mutual understanding and respect between comrades. The NPA is also ready to surmount sacrifices and difficulties in the spirit of serving the people.

The 3rd ID launches sustained and focused military operations and uses its military might to spread fear in Negros Island. But the countryside is still relatively vast and the Negrosanon masses untiringly support their genuine army, the NPA. Through waging extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare in an ever widening and deepening mass base, the NPA can turn the tide and seize victory.

Therefore, the revolutionary armed struggle will persist beyond the likes of MGen. Sison and even his boss, Visayas Command chief Benedict Arevalo.

Sison brazenly leads an army division that ensures the people are shackled to the interests of the ruling class of big compradors and landlords. His desperate words are betrayed by the bloody record of the 3rd ID. Negrosanons see right through his endless lies.###

Negrosanons see right through 3rd ID’s lies