NPA-Abra mounts two tactical offensives


The Agustin Begnalen Command-New People’s Army-Abra successfully launched an attack on the operating troops of the 24th IB, in Sitio Mangmangga, Barangay Naguilian, Sallapadan, Abra last June 26, 2023. One soldier was killed.

Two days after on June 28, the people’s revolutionary army magnificently harassed the 102nd IB at Bazar, Sallapadan, Abra at 10:30 AM. In this second tactical offensive, two soldiers were wounded. But according to reliable information from one of the para-military troops in the area, there were four casualties on the side of the fascist army.

These tactical offensives by the NPA serve to punish the mercenary AFP for its continuing crimes against the people. The fascist AFP units persist to conduct combat operations that daily disrupt the people’s production activities. They are constantly harassing and threatening civilians whom they suspect as NPA supporters. The AFP also continues to pocket public funds from its bogus surrender program.

In retaliation to the two military actions by the NPA, the anti-people AFP dropped 14 bombs and consumed thousands of machinegun bullets that they indiscriminately strafed over the agricultural fields of the people in the four barangays of Bazar, Naguilian, Sacaang and Bilabila, all in the municipality of Sallapadan, Abra.

NPA-Abra mounts two tactical offensives