NPA-Negros: AFP tagging NPA as ‘terrorists’ a mistake and a desperate cover-up for their own crimes


NPA-Negros slams the AFP’s recent statements once again wrongfully tagging revolutionaries as ‘terrorists’, and accusing them for the recent spate of killings in Negros and attacking communities. If anything, it is the AFP who continue to murder innocent civilians, violate International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and terrorize communities.

Before and even during the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic and the AFP being potential carriers, military operations swarm in Sta. Catalina, Siaton, Sipalay, Ilog, Himamaylan, Kabankalan, Guihulngan, Moises Padilla, Escalante, and all over Negros. This has led to several human rights violations, including forced surrenders, illegal arrests and trumped-up cases, indiscriminate firing, harassment, and murder. It is the AFP who do not follow the protocols of IHL.

The most recent of these violations is the murder of in Brgy. Luz, Guihulngan City, last July 24, 2020. She was one of the four civilians physically tortured by elements of the AFP after the NPA mounted a successful partisan operation against their fascist troop. Much like Oplan Sauron, they carry out revenge operations on civilians as their way of retaliation to the NPA.

The shadow of doubt cast over the AFP’s deceptive claim to be supporting ‘peace and development’ is getting bigger as their community programs such as the Retooled Community Support Program and Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program have been exposed as corrupt schemes as army officials hoard and pocket the budget intended for these.

Pasaporte’s cry and wrongful tagging of communists as ‘terrorists’ has been repeatedly disproved even by the country’s legal experts. Additionally, their gall to call the revolutionary movement as terrorists when it is Duterte and the AFP who, time and again, sabotage efforts for peace talks. In the pandemic, the NPA has carried out public health and economic campaigns to help alleviate the adverse effects of militarist approach to the pandemic, while the combined efforts of the PNP and AFP have yet to yield a legitimate impact.

Instead of focusing on genuine endeavors to help the people, Pasaporte and the AFP have concentrated on fulfilling their Commander-in-Chief Duterte’s ambition to weaponize the law and strike fear into the people. Their smear campaigns along with the police-military approach in the public health crisis have isolated them further from the population, garnering them an opposition even among their ranks. This has unwittingly guided the different sectors of society, even among their rank-and-file soldiers, to opt for the radical choice and join the NPA, who are the true army of the people. ###

NPA-Negros: AFP tagging NPA as ‘terrorists’ a mistake and a desperate cover-up for their own crimes