On the 54th founding anniversary of the NPA: Fear no sacrifice, serve the revolution!

The Rachelle Mae Palang Command (RMPC-NPA), conveys the firmest Red salute in celebration of the 54th founding anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA) who, through the guidance of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), has advanced the armed revolution for over five decades. The NPA’s Southeast Negros Guerrilla Front acclaims all Red fighters and commanders, the people’s militia, barrio defense committees and self-defense corps in the various areas who continue to valiantly face the fascist attacks of the enemy. We also remember Romeo “Ka Juanito Magbanua” Nanta and Ronald “Ka Tino” Salo along with the other martyrs and heroes of the revolution who have given the highest form of sacrifice for the golden aim of national democracy with a socialist perspective.

Despite setbacks and greater challenges amid the illegitimate Marcos regime’s counterrevolution, the RMPC-NPA has steadfastly performed its three integrated tasks of armed struggle, agrarian revolution, and mass base building to strengthen the guerrilla front wave upon wave.

The NPA maintains the initiative through applying guerrilla warfare to avoid self-constriction and deprive the enemy of a target. It continues to recruit new blood, especially from farmers and farm workers who experience worsening conditions of exploitation and brutality on a daily basis. AFP spies who have blood debts and grave crimes against the people are brought to the people’s revolutionary court where due punishment to be meted out is decided. Mass organizations are guided by the NPA to prepare and wage antifeudal campaigns to raise wages and occupy idle land.

Political and military education and training, including literacy and numeracy is maintained to hone Red fighters’ fighting spirit and comprehensive skills in fighting, propaganda, and production. Cultural activities are held inside the NPA unit and among mass organizations to replace the ruling bourgeois-feudal culture with a revolutionary one.

Through secrecy, the people’s army maintains its close links with the masses. Expansion and consolidation of areas to build Red political power continue. Mass organizations are given political education especially regarding the people’s war and revolutionary land reform to raise their collective consciousness and ability to defend themselves from the brutal enemy. Propaganda work is painstakingly conducted by Red fighters to expose the lies of the NTF-Elcac and the state’s bogus and dirty surrender drive that continues to prey on innocent civilians, including children.

With the US-Marcos regime’s counterintuitive E-CLIP campaign along with massive disinformation, the masses of Southeast Negros clearly see the difference between the ruling class’ reaction and the genuine political power represented by the people’s democratic government in the countryside. The RMPC-NPA is armed with revolutionary optimism that the intensifying contradictions of the ruling semicolonial and semifeudal state is fertile ground for its growth. With dwindling prices of local products such as copra and banana and cheap wages of farm workers in contrast to the skyrocketing costs of basic goods and services, the people are slowly turning their fear into fury. The conflict of local warlords and politicians and their goons in the 11th IB and Philippine National Police only exposes the inherent rottenness of bureaucrat capitalism that spares no innocent life for the selfish interests of the ruling class.

Day by day, the masses are reminded that only the people’s war can solve their problems and not the empty promises of any dictator, or fake corruption-laden livelihood and development projects that only serve as rubber stamps for the entry of foreign mining and other businesses detrimental to the land of the farmers. The ‘dismantled front’ narrative of the state is disproved by the agitation and eagerness of the masses to support their NPA who serve them wholeheartedly.

Along with the 54th anniversary of the NPA, the RMPC commits to overcome any challenge, fear no sacrifice and contribute to the advancement of the protracted people’s war. Absolutely led by the Party, its Red fighters will persevere to improve politically and militarily to withstand the brutal attacks of the enemy and protect the interests of the masses they serve. With this, we also call on the people, especially the youth, to take up arms and join the NPA to establish a society in stark contrast of the current one—a society of genuine and lasting peace, attainable only through the barrel of a gun. ###

Long live the CPP-NPA-NDF!
Fear no sacrifice, serve the revolution!

On the 54th founding anniversary of the NPA: Fear no sacrifice, serve the revolution!