Paramilitary group slay two farmers

Members of a Local Paramilitary Group ” Dios Uno” brutally murdered two farmer’s in an ambush on yesterday morning in sitio Canggabok, BRGY. Nagbinlod, Sta.Catina, Negros Otietal.

The victim’s Apollonio Diosana Jr. 44 yrs/old and Temestokles Seit Jr. 28 yrs/old, was abourd in a motorcycle on the way to the town proper to attend a court hearing when at about 6:00 AM. Five member’s of “Dios Uno” blocked thier way and fired at them several times.

The crime scene yolded 13 empty Shell’s of 45 semi-automatic.Although, witnesses observed that the perpetrators were also armed with sub machine gun and shot gun.

Witnesses positively identified known “Dios Uno” members Toto,Bitoy,Julio,Randel and Tiloy as responsible for the killings.

“Dios Uno” is a group of armed civilians organized and supported by the Sta.Catalina Police as an anti–insurgency force multiplier it has been involve in so many cuses of killings harassment, threat, and coercian against the residence in the area they suspected as NPA supporters.

The Rachelle Mae Palang Command (RMPC) condemned the killings and called on Human Rights Organizations to conduct a thourough and impartial probe on the incident.

Paramilitary group slay two farmers