Red salute to the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines!


With utmost honors, the Leonardo Pacsi Command (LPC) salutes the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as it celebrates its 50th founding anniversary. We take pride in recalling the great achievements of the Party and the revolution in the past 50 years.

We pay our highest tribute to all martyrs, comrades in the Party and the NPA, who gave their lives for the national democratic revolution. We also give the highest respects to our elders, chieftains, leaders and the masses who devoted their lives to the struggle for self-determination and democracy under the national democratic revolution. We salute the indomitable commitment, high spirit for sacrifice and perseverance of the cadres and members of the Party, Red commanders and fighters, leaders and mass membership of all revolutionary organizations.

The leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines has been proven to be imperative for all revolutionary endeavours of the Filipino people and for the national democratic revolution to advance towards victory and socialism.

The CPP absolutely leads and harnesses the NPA to the Marxist-Leninist and Maoist ideology of the proletariat that makes the NPA invincible and resilient more than ever in its main role in advancing the people’s war. The NPA frustrated all previous fascist regimes that have been attempting to crush it in the past five decades. The Red army is cherished by the majority of the Filipino masses as their sole red army in their fight against the landlords and big bourgeois class, the imperialists and their fascist rule. The NPA is the only armed force that fights for sovereignty and democracy, and for the rights of the national minorities to self-determination against national oppression of the state.

The Party guided the laying and spreading of the people’s war in the Cordillera and the forming of the Red political power of the Igorot people. At the height of Martial Law during the US-Marcos dictatorship from 1971 to 1982, the guerrilla zone of Mt. Province was opened from Ifugao’s expansion, along with the expansion in Benguet, Abra, Kalinga and Apayao.The militant people’s struggle against the Chico Dam, the Cellophil Resources Corp. and the fascist US-Marcos regime heightened through the armed struggle in 1983 to 1985 that ended such anti-people projects. The elders and the chieftains mobilized hundreds of tribespeople and youth in joining the NPA. Battalions of people’s militia multiplied and strengthened the company forces of the NPA. In this struggle, the Party clearly imparted to the national minority of Cordillera that the revolutionary armed struggle is decisive in fighting the imperialist plunder of the ancestral domain’s wealth, state fascism and neglect .

Through the Party’s guidance in diligent social investigation and class analysis of Cordillera, it was pointed out that to overcome national oppression and pursue self-determination and democracy of the national minority, their struggle must be united with the struggle of the Filipino people in fighting feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism. The Party clarified that the Igorots are part of the peasants, workers and impoverished Filipino people who are exploited under the semicolonal and semifeudal society and that the national oppression is an additional oppression to them by the state under this social system. This rectified the mistaken “national minority war” the Igorots should have trodden. The “national minority war” was supposedly a separate war of the national minority of Cordillera based on the subjective analysis that there is no class struggle in Cordillera. The Party united the separate tribes of Cordillera and led their war to their rightful enemy: the imperialists and their landlord and big

bourgeois cohorts and so with the reactionary government that enforces laws that allow the continuous pillage of the giant capitalists on the natural wealth of Cordillera. Also through the guidance of the Party, the NPA was able to deter and isolate the traitor and opportunist Cordillera People’s Liberation Army and despite the turmoil it created to the revolutionary movement, the armed struggle in the region still grew stronger.

The Party trained the NPA to effectively employ the three integral components of the people’s war to the concrete and particular situation of Cordillera – the building of revolutionary bases and organs of political power, agrarian revolution and the armed struggle. The Party leads the NPA in arousing and mobilizing the peasant masses for them to carry-out agrarian revolution as the kernel of the people’s war. The Party and the NPA are with the peasant masses in determining and resolving the existing semifeudal and feudal forms of exploitation on them. Here in Mt. Province and Cordillera, the peasants face the problems of usury and trader exploitation, burdensome land rent, low wages of farm workers, lack of subsidy and services in agriculture and social services, and lacking relief and delayed rehabilitation on calamity damages. These add up to the main problem of insufficiency and low productivity of land for the greater number of peasants in Cordillera to till. This is worsened by the landgrabbing practice of the giant mine and energy companies that seize the people’s ancestral land and water resources.

The NPA helps build revolutionary mass organizations likewise in strengthening of the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front as the revolutionary alliance of the workers, peasants and all democratic forces in Cordillera. As a result of the tenacious advancement of agrarian revolution and the expansion and deepening of the revolutionary bases, the peasant youth are enlisting in the NPA and the People’s Militias are likewise expanding.

The NPA is moreover grateful to the CPP in leading the comprehensive rectification of the ideological, political and organizational mistakes and weaknesses for the people’s war to leap forward to a higher level. Through the Party’s motivation, the NPA is determined in overcoming military conservatism and as a result is gaining more victories in its tactical offensives against the AFP and PNP. The Leonardo Pacsi Command along with the other units under the Chadli Molintas Command take the initiative in punishing the AFP and PNP forces that assault the ancestral territories and communities, likewise in punishing the destructive Lepanto, Philex and Hedcor companies.

In the past 50 years, the alternating regimes were not able to subdue the CPP, NPA and the revolutionary mass movement from their inception even in the harshest period of the US-Marcos dictatorship. And now, our unwavering march in the last 50 years is being challenged by the fascist yet imperialist lameduck Duterte. The US-Duterte regime is so worried of the intensifying armed struggle and the people’s surge. Their pronouncement of crushing the NPA til the end of 2018 is bound to fail, so that they are compelled to heighten their counter-revolutionary war through Oplan Kapayapaan and Martial Law.

The crisis of the semifeudal and semicolonial society and aggravated by the anti-people, pro- imperialist and fascist policies of the US-Duterte regime is the objective basis for the people’s armed revolution to advance. The neoliberal policies of the regime moreover stagnate the backward agriculture from which the people of Cordillera still take their basic living while stunting national industrialization. The regime prevents the people from utilizing and eking out their living from the natural resources of their ancestral lands for these to be served to the mining and energy capitalist companies. The AFP likewise focuses its counter-revolutionary war in the region through the IP-centric approach among the Igorots and quenching their revolutionary struggle through the “peace zone” propaganda and reformist projects.

The national minority of Cordillera has a noble history of waging war in pursuit of their self- determination and democracy. The Party guided this noble tradition by rooting deep into the oppressed people and the advancement of the struggle of all national minorities in the country have become a part of the Party’s 50 years of victory. And now, the Party points to the challenges ahead for the further advancement of the people’s war towards estrategic stalemate.

Celebrate the golden anniversary of the CPP! Strengthen and join the NPA! Raise higher the gallant tradition of the Igorots’ struggle for self-determination and democracy! Strengthen our resolve in advancing the national democratic revolution and further on to socialism!

Red salute to the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines!