The AFP and its master Duterte are a fascist fake news factory spreading counter-revolutionary lies in Eastern Visayas

The Efren Martires Command of the New People’s Army today exposed the swathe of lies spread by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Duterte regime regarding the NPA in the region, particularly the 9-year old boy in Northern Samar whose death the AFP blamed on Red fighters. “The AFP is indeed a fake news factory churning out lie after lie against perceived enemies of the Durerte regime, as part of the terrorist Rodrigo Duterte’s plot of establishing a fascist dictatorship and consolidate his hold on the reactionary government.”

EMC spokesperson Karlos Manuel cited reports from residents in Brgy. San Miguel that it was a drunk soldier of the 20th Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army who lobbed a grenade into the village and killed Armando Jay Raymunde, 9-years old, last April 17. “And then the AFP spared no expense in their all-out psychological warfare against the NPA by pinning the boy’s death on Red fighters, using public funds to spread this ‘fake news’ through the Philippine News Agency and social media,” added Manuel.

“Such violence is unsurprising as several days after, suspected state agents kill barangay captain Apolinario “Pining” Lebico, who has long called for the pull-out of the troops in their community.”

Manuel further added, “In a vain attempt to cover up their crimes, the AFP methodically spreads counter-revolutionary black propaganda on all fronts, especially through Duterte’s paid trolls on social media.” He warned of a fake Facebook account by the name “Karlos Manuel” which has been misrepresenting the Efren Martires Command and ironically spreading propaganda to dissuade the youth from joining the NPA. “Even the official Facebook account of National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas media officer Roy Santos has been harassed by trolls whose accounts are connected to official pages of the AFP and the Philippine National Police units.

“The Duterte regime has long been in the business of fake news and misrepresentation. Last March, a fake spokesperson of the Sergio Lobina Command gave an interview on Bombo Radyo Tacloban in the aftermath of the Motiong ambush by the NPA. We have reason to believe state agents are behind this imposter.”

Manuel called on the people to unite and expose the vicious lies of the AFP and the US-Duterte regime by promptly reporting through mass media the human rights violations made against them. “The victims must actively spread word of the daily killings, threats, harassments and CARHRIHL violations committed by AFP troops, most recently by the 20th IB in Brgy. San Miguel and 46th IB in Brgy. Beri, Calbiga, Samar. They must encourage all peace-loving people, especially human rights defenders, lawyers, and church people to join the broad united front that will oust the dictator Duterte and end his tyranny and warmongering on the people once and for all,” he ended.#

The AFP and its master Duterte are a fascist fake news factory spreading counter-revolutionary lies in Eastern Visayas