The truth leads the youth to revolution for freedom and democracy


DILG Secretary Eduardo Ano recently called on the revolutionary movement to stop recruiting the youth, accusing the act of arousing, organizing, and mobilizing them as brainwashing. But really, how can one brainwash another with the truth? Isn’t that simply being honest and true?

In reality, the experts in creating and spreading deceit and lies compose the psywar machinery of the Duterte regime. Countless times they have produced fake news to advance their own propaganda. They manipulate data and statistics to create a seemingly improving economy. Just like how they redefined the meaning of “employed” so as to boost employment and job rates. Oftentimes, in cohorts with the AFP and the PNP, they release so called intelligence data to create an atmosphere of fear and chaos so they can justify military operations. This was evident during the Marawi Seige, in the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, the Red October plot and recently the Negros Massacre of Peasants.

The government, along with other state institutions is the biggest and primary machinery for psywar and brainwashing the youth. The current education system of K-12 is oriented towards labor
export and is focused on technical and vocational skills. Subjects such as Social Studies and Filipino are given lesser importance. The Commission on Higher Education has even removed Filipino and History in college. Currently, the revival of the ROTC and its inclusion in the senior high curriculum is now mandatory. This will only result in more campus violence and students will be indoctrinated to the fascist, terroristic, savage and feudal ways of the military.

263 PMA cadets graduated last May, the MABALASIK class of 2019 boasts that among them, 40 are Cordillerans. We are proud of their academic achievements but we are wary knowing that these kailians, in a few months time, will be deployed back to their hometowns to lead in the conduct of combat, civil-military, psywar and intelligence operations. The more national minorities being employed in the AFP, PNP and CAFGU, the more the intensification of Duterte’s Oplan Kapayapaan with its Indigenous Peoples’- Centric Approach. This will undoubtedly result in more human rights violations, disturbances in the communities, and the further division of clans, tribes and ilis. These recruited state forces will be compelled to carry out commands from their higher officials to protect capitalist plunder even at the expense of their kakailians. They will serve as mere mercenaries to advance the interests ofthe ruling class thereby exacerbating national oppression against national minorities. In the end, what is there to be proud of?

The DILG Secretary should stop posing as if he is concerned of the youth. The youth sector is a formidable force to change society, that is why the government and the ruling class are so afraid that the youth raise their social consciousness and decide to join the revolution. It is not true that the youth are easy to manipulate. They are open-minded, creative and very much capable of analysis and discernment of what is true and just. Moreover, the NPA would like to reiterate that we do not recruit minors. Those who would like to join the NPA must be at least 18 years old. Taking part in the revolution does not lead the youth astray, on the other hand, this will deepen their understanding of philosophy, sharpen their class analysis, improve their skills, talents and capabilities in changing this rotten system and in building a better world. They will be given the opportunity to realize their potentials and improve themselves so that they may truly serve the interest of their fellow oppressed and exploited.

The Leonardo Pacsi Command challenges the youth to distinguish the truth from lies and to fight with the oppressed and exploited. Be the ” Pag-asa ng Bayan” for genuine freedom, democracy, peace and justice. Do not be swayed by government propaganda nor be dazzled by promises of higher wages and greater benefits because in exchange you will be utilized to safeguard the interests of Imperialism and the local ruling clique of big bourgeois compradors and landlords. The Igorot youth should likewise carry forward the warrior tradition of their ancestors to defend their ancestral land and resources, and to attain self-determination and democracy.

Join the People’s Army and contribute to the victory of the People’s Democratic Revolution until socialism is achieved!


The truth leads the youth to revolution for freedom and democracy