Two martyred Red fighters in Sta. Catalina honored


“They fought to their last breath for the people’s revolutionary cause. They remained unwavering in the face of immense adversity.”

This is how Ka Estrella Banagbanag, Rachelle Mae Palang Command – Southeast Negros Front spokesperson, described the two young red fighters who sacrificed their lives during an NPA action against the notorious paramilitary outfit in Sitio Kakha, Barangay Talalac, Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental last June 21, 2019.

Antonio “Ka Marlo” Cardinas, 21, from Sitio Avocado, Barangay Talalac, and Lito “Ka Jessa” Sotabento, 19, of Barangay Dobdob, Valencia were killed in the ensuing firefight and battle maneuver.

Banagbanag said that despite being fatally wounded, Ka Marlo and Ka Jessa managed to stay in formation and, as they died, turned over their weapons to their unit to prevent these from being taken by the enemy.

The NPA in Southeast Negros launched a sniping-cum-sapper operation versus the SCAA/12th IB fascist troops of Kakha Detachment in response to the long-time clamor of the masses for justice in lieu of their long list of heinous crimes like murder, rape, robbery, harassment and the like, according to Banagbanag.

Foremost among these were the assassinations of Nagbinlod Barangay Captain Leonardo Magarsenio in Sta. Catalina, human rights activist Elisa Badayos and peasant leader Euleterio Moises in Bayawan City in 2017 and Negros Oriental District 3 farmer leader Franklin Lariosa last March 30 during the conduct of Oplan Sauron 2.

“Kakha detachment is a collection of misfits and criminal elements known for brutality and anti-social activities. Many of them have already been tried and convicted in the People’ s Court. The masses have since been demanding for the NPA to take action. Contrary to the millitary’s PR spin, the SCAA suffered several wounded and casualties,” Banagbanag said.

The demise of Ka Marlo and Ka Jessa, Banagbanag explained, will not enfeeble the efforts of the NPA and the revolutionary movement in Southeast Negros to intensify guerilla warfare.

“Their bravery, determination and sacrifice will inspire us more to advance the people’s war. The attack on Kakha detachment is only the beginning,” Banagbanag said.

Banagbanag called on the youth to follow the example of Ka Marlo and Ka Jessa in selfless devotion to the interest of the basic masses, as succinctly put in the slogan “Serve the People,” and join the revolutionary armed struggle by enlisting in the NPA.###


Two martyred Red fighters in Sta. Catalina honored