Youth, unite! Advance the armed struggle through people's war!


The revolutionary youth and the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) in Northern Negros celebrate the 55th anniversary of the underground organization of Filipino patriotic youth, Kabataang Makabayan (KM) and the birth anniversary of revolutionary hero Gat. Andres Bonifacio. The Red commanders and fighters, peasants, the KM chapters in Northern Negros and the RJPC-NPA offer the highest salute to all revolutionary martyrs from the youth and student sector.

The people continue to persevere in frustrating the state’s anti-people policies amid the brazen attacks of the fascist US-Duterte regime against civilians and ordinary masses. The rotten modus and programs of the reactionary state only teach the people to participate and support the armed struggle.

The counter-insurgency programs of the puppet US-Duterte regime such as the Memorandum Order 32 and de facto Martial Law in Bicol, Samar and Negros islands, have resulted in the spate of killings and arbitrary
arrests of civilians and activists. Executive Order 70 claims to end local insurgency, but its primary targets are civilians, activists and the state’s critics.

The criminal and mercenary Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) hierarchy in Negros are over their heads in implementing MO 32 and EO70 due to the hefty budget allocated by the reactionary state for fake surenderrees and other programs which aim to intimidate and deceive the public. The state and the fascist AFP have particularly trained its rabid attacks against the youth, with the raid of offices of progressive groups in Bacolod City and Escalante City where youth cultural workers and minors were among those arrested and detained.

The fascists in the AFP continue to intimidate and harrass the youngsters and their parents
with grave threats and psywar tactics. Fascist repression achieves nothing but to teach the youth and the people that there is indeed no genuine democratic space under the rotten ruling system. It is best for the youth suspected of maintaining ties with the
revolutionary movement to forge these links into reality so as to defend their rights.
The fascist soldiers under the 303rd Brigade Philippine Army led by Brig. Gen. Benedict Arevalo have no shame in imposing their presence, lies and contrived rhetoric in schools to wreak psywar, black propaganda, and
redtagging against the youth and their legitimate organizations.

The youth also dismiss the AFP’s black propaganda against the revolutionary martyrs coming from the country’s best and brightest young intellectuals as nothing but preposterous attempts to smear the martyrs’
conscious decision to volunteer their time and offer their very lives in the service of the people. Rachelle Mae Palang, Leonardo Panaligan, Wendell Gumban, and many other exemplary comrades from the youth and student sector remain as inspiration in the advancement of the people’s war.

The rabid modus and tactics of the fascists do not make the revolutionary movement any weaker for these are not new in the history of the struggle and the revolution. The revolutionary movement, most especially the
youth who persevere in the service of the revolution, take these as serious challenges in order to frustrate and end Duterte’s tyrannical rule. The youth volunteer full-time to serve the people and lead the armed struggle in the
countryside to defend the masses and the vast majority of peasants against the abuses of the military and the state.

The RJPC-NPA calls on all revolutionary organizations of the people, from the peasant league of Pambansang Kilusan ng Magbubukid (PKM), the women’s organization Makabayang Kilusang ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA) and Kabataang Makabayan (KM), the Party members in Northern Negros and all
ordinary masses: The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command is ever-ready to accept your participation in the advancement of the
armed struggle and people’s war, ever-ready to defend and serve the oppressed and exploited masses!

Offer the youth’s abilities, strengths and talents to the cause of people’s liberation and socialist future! Let us unite in engaging and frustrating the fascist tempest of the US-Duterte regime!


Youth, unite! Advance the armed struggle through people's war!