NPA seizes 10 M16 rifles from PNP-Lapinig



THE NPA-NORTHERN Samar (Rodante Urtal Command or RUC) seized 10 M16 rifles, two .9mm pistols, one thousand M16 bullets, and 49 magazines in its successful raid against the police headquarters in Lapinig on August 10. The Red fighters also confiscated a telescope, three laptop computers and various important documents.

In a statement on August 12, it said that the raid is a heavy blow against the US-Duterte regime, most especially because officers of the aforementioned station are notorious protectors of illegal drugs syndicates in Northern Samar.

Ka Ama­do Pe­san­te, spokesperson of the NPA-RUC, said that while the Philippine National Police (PNP) is being utilized by the regime as a killing machine in its hypocritical Oplan Tokhang, its police officers are actually involved in illegal drug trade in many towns of the province.

Coming in by dump truck, the Red fighters raided the police headquarters and engaged the police officers in a five-minute fire fight until the latter surrendered. Two police officers were wounded. Since last year, poor peasants have reported to the NPA about the PNP’s involvement in the illegal drug trade. The RUC added that the PNP is also using Oplan Tokhang as a pretext to coerce civilians to surrender as NPA members.

Meanwhile in another statement on September 2, the NPA-RUC reported seven military actions launched under its command from May to June against troops of the 803rd IBde. Five of these offensives were conducted in the towns of Silvino Lo­bos, and one each in Las Navas and Lo­pe de Ve­ga. The enemy unit suffered no less than eight casualties, and RUC was able to seize M60 and M16 bullets.

NPA seizes 10 M16 rifles from PNP-Lapinig