NPA-Sultan Kudarat attacks Philippine Marines

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Twenty-eight troopers of the Marine Battalion Landing Team 2 (MBLT 2) were killed in offensives by the New People’s Army (NPA)-Sultan Kudarat from September-October.

Red fighters ambushed the 3rd Marine Company Reconnaissance Group-Marine Brigade Special Unit in Barangay Batangbagras, Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat last October 14 at 9 a.m. The firefight lasted for 15 minutes during which seven soldiers were killed. The NPA fighters were able to withdraw safely.

Thirty minutes later, the military bombed the ambush site killing its own troops who failed to immediately withdraw from the area. After two weeks of rescue and retrieval, almost 35 cadavers of soldiers were recovered.

On top of this, the NPA-Far South Mindanao Region (FSMR) confirmed that 21 soldiers of MBLT 2 were killed in Barangay Sangay, Kalamansig in successive attacks launched by the Red fighters against the military last September 16-17. (See article in Ang Bayan October 7, 2018).

The MLBT’s intensified military campaign is designed to clear the area for the reentry of the DM Consunji Incorporated’s massive logging operations. The company’s operations have been interrupted for more than two years due to the strong opposition of the Lumad people and the NPA’s armed campaign.

According to the NPA-FSMR, the number of military casualties is possibly higher in the face of spontaneous armed resistance of the Lumad Dulangan-Manobo against DMCI and MBLT 2.

The Lumad Dulangan-Manobo celebrated the defeat of the AFP’s campaign to protect Consunji’s destructive commercial operations. They continue to support and participate in punitive actions against DMCI and its fascist protectors.
Quezon. The NPA-Quezon successfully foiled an attack by the 92nd IB in Sitio Tiklupan, Umiray, Gen. Nakar last October 27, at 9:49 a.m. Two troopers were killed and three were severely wounded while the NPA sustained no casualties. The firefight lasted for 20 minutes. Since May, Gen. Nakar has been under constant attack by battalion-sized forces of the 2nd ID to the detriment of peasant and indigenous Dumagat and Remontado residents. Camarines Sur. The NPA sniped operating forces of the Bravo Coy 83rd IB in the boundaries of barangays Mainit and Sooc, Bato, Camarines Sur last October 22, at 4:40 p.m., killing its commander, 2Lt. Jayson Frederick Pasco. Another soldier was wounded.

After the incident, an additional company of the 83rd IB was deployed to pursue the NPA in the area. More than a week of all-out military operations were mounted in some barangays of Bato. According to the Edmundo Jacob Command, “…because the masses acknowledge the justness of what the comrades are doing for them, they are provided safe haven in the area despite focused operations of the mercenary army.”

Negros Oriental. NPA-Negros Oriental almost simultaneously attacked two camps of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFP) 7 of the Philippine National Police in Guihulngan City last October 30.

Red fighters fired at a police detachment in the boundaries of barangays Balugo and Hinakpan at 11:00 a.m. At around the same time, they attacked the headquarters of the RMFB 7 in Sitio Liko, Barangay Bulado. A police officer was severely wounded in the operation.

NPA-Sultan Kudarat attacks Philippine Marines