NPA50: People's war, until victory


The Central Committee extended its most militant greetings to all Red commanders and fighters on the 50th founding anniversary of the New People’s Army.

In its statement, the CPP acknowledged the victories of the NPA in the past five decades of waging armed struggle. The Central Committee paid tribute to all the heroes and martyrs who offered their lives for the revolutionary cause. It also aknowledged the contribution of veteran Red fighters who served and continue to support the armed struggle.

Simultaneously, various regional NPA units and underground mass organizations also issued statements in honor of the celebration and to put forward the call to further advance the people’s war.

Ka Ariel Montero of NPA-Northeastern Mindanao Region, in his statement, highlighted the victories achieved by the NPA in the region in the past year. It launched more than 200 armed actions wherein 27 high-powered firearms were seized.

Meanwhile, the NPA-North Central Mindanao Region was able to conduct 120 armed actions wherein 124 and 93 AFP elements were killed and wounded, respectively. Ka Norcen Mangubat of the Regional Party Committee in NCMR said that the people’s armed struggle will never be defeated and will continue to overcome any focused sustained operation of the AFP.

The Regional Party Committee in Negros slammed AFP’s bragging of the arrest of Fr. Frank Fernandez and Cleofe Lagtapon. Negrosanons and the Filipino people hate the AFP all the more for this, it said.

It also pledged to uphold justice for the victims of the regime’s fascists attacks in the island, including the massacre victims in Sagay and those victimized by its Oplan Sauron/SEMPO.

The Regional Party Committee in Panay reported that the AFP suffered no less than 50 casualties last year. Red fighters in the region were challenged to overcome their weaknesses to further advance the people’s war.

The NPA-Eastern Visayas condemned the reactionary regime for perpetrating relentless attacks and brutal killings in the region. No less than 15 victims of political killings and thousands of forced evacuation due to militarization were recorded in Samar and Leyte.

The Regional Party Committee in Southern Tagalog callled on the people to struggle to overthrow the US-Duterte regime ans defy its fascist and tyrannical scheme.

Ka Cleo del Mundo offered a Red salute to all NPA commanders and fighters for launching armed actions that shook the Southern Luzon Command of the AFP and the local ruling class in 2018. The Red fighters were able to confiscate high-powered firearms, destroy armaments of the 85th IB and deal blows against the enemy last year.

The Regional Party Committee in Cagayan Valley stated that the people’s army continues to enjoy the support of the masses as its struggles are founded on the national and democratic aspirations of the people.

It further stated that the NPA is already operating in around 500 barrios in 60 towns in 6 provinces across Cagayan Valley. In the past two years, the Red fighters were able to conduct 52 tactical offensives wherein high-powered rifles, pistols and other armaments were seized. Its mass base is also continuously expanding.

According to Ka Filiw of Cordillera People’s Democractic Front, the revolutionary movement plays a significant role in advancing the national minorities’ right to self-determination and the overall democratic cause.

The people will forever treasure the NPA for mounting campaigns anti-social activities in their communities, for helping resolve inter-tribal conflicts peacefully, and for punishing plunderous and destructive mining companies operating in the region.

In solidarity with the celebration of the golden anniversary, the NDF-Metro Manila held a lightning rally last March 25. The Kabataang Makabayan in Ilocos and Panay and the Liga ng Agham para sa Bayan also mounted series of discussions, slogan-painting and postering in the whole month of March.

Meanwhile, the Christians for National Liberation-Northern Luzon, Kabataang Makabayan-Sou­th­ern Tagalog and the Communist Party of the French State also issued solidarity statements to the NPA. A celebration was also held at the office of the NDFP in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on March 31.

NPA50: People's war, until victory