CPI-Maoist launches series of armed actions


THE PEOPLE’S LIBERATION Gue­rril­la Army (PLGA) led by the Com­mu­nist Party of India (Maoist) launched a series of armed actions from May until the first week of June. This came after the killings of Ram­ko Na­ro­te, a CPI-Maoist member and Shil­pa Dhurva, a guerrilla, on April 27 in Gun­dur­wa­hi.

The police and military sustained an estimated 79 casualties in these attacks. The armed encounters ensued in Gadchi­rol­li, in the region of Jarkhand, in Ma­ha­rashtra, and Chhat­tis­garh.

Among those attacked by the PLGA were soldiers of the 209th Com­man­do Bat­ta­li­on for Re­so­lu­te Acti­on (COBRA), a team that specializes on anti-Maoist operations.
Forty PLGA fighters attacked and controlled the Ti­mur­pal­li district of Mal­ka­ngi­ri in Odis­ha on Ma­y 19. The PLGA overan the office of the local government. The actions were launched in opposition to the anti-minority activities conducted and fake encounters peddled by the soldiers in the area.

In Gadchi­rol­li, the PLGA blasted a production equipment and two warehouses on May 20, paralyzing the production in the district.

These actions prove the determination of the PLGA and CPI-Maoist to continuously carry the people’s war in India forward.

CPI-Maoist launches series of armed actions