Impeachment gains ground


GROUNDS TO OUST Rodrigo Duterte from the presidency through impeachment strengthen as a result of his approval for China to fish in the country’s maritime territory.

Duterte declared that he had a “verbal agreement” with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to China in 2016. They supposedly agreed to allow Chinese fishermen to cast net on Philippine waters.

With Duterte’s “verbal” agreement, he has again exhibited abuse of power and prerogative. This is a clear violation of the 1987 constitution and a strong basis to impeach him. He cites the “agreement” as excuse for his inability to prohibit China from exploiting Philippine marine resources and his failure to carry out the mandate of the 1987 constitution to protect Philippine resources within its exclusive economic zone.

This early, Chinese fishing vessels are quickly depleting resources in Recto Bank because of their modern equipments, compared to the inferior types of fishing boats used by Filipinos.

China and Vietnam, provides subsidy for their fishermen to sail at the South China Sea.

Impeachment gains ground