On the 47th year of martial law: Groups mount nationwide protest against dictatorship


THOUSANDS PROTESTED in various parts of the country last September 20 to commemorate the 47th year of martial law declaration of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Led by youth groups, protesters vehemently condemned the tyranny and the scheme of the Duterte regime to establish a dictatorship.

In Manila, thousands marched from Mendiola to Luneta Park where the main part of the program was held. Various sectors participated in the activity, carrying their calls against the attacks of the regime. The groups primarily condemned its red-tagging campaign against the students, journalists, peasants and others. They also opposed increasing presence in the campuses and communities.

About 400 farmers and activists led by BAYAN-Bicol joined the mobilization. The group condemned the implementation of Memorandum Order (MO) 32 and Executive Order 70 which institutionalized the regime’s “whole of nation” approach which effectively put the entire country under de facto martial law. This resulted in unabated violation of human rights and worsened the economic crisis.

Raoul Manuel of Youth Act Now against Tyranny asserted that the terror of dictatorship must not be restored.

Various organizations that are members of the United People’s Coalition also participated in the protest. They slammed the crackdown against and the killing of church people, workers and human rights advocates simply because of their political stance and for criticizing Duterte’s policies.

Meanwhile, similar protests were held in various urban centers across the country including Los Baños, Baguio, Angeles, Tarlac, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao City.

On the 47th year of martial law: Groups mount nationwide protest against dictatorship