Subsidize hog raisers, consumers


The Kilusang Mag­bu­bu­kid­ ng Pilipinas (KMP) called on the regime last February 1 to lower pork prices to pre-African Swine Fever levels. This was after the price of pork belly skyrocketed to ₱400 per kilo, and pork shoulder to ₱370. It said that this is doable by providing production subsidy and aid to hog raisers.

In particular, KMP demanded a ₱15,000-production subsidy to hog and poultry farmers, and a ₱10,000-cash aid to consumers. It asserted that aid, and not loans, would save the people from the impact of high pork prices.

It also demanded for efficient state intervention in meat trade in order to dismantle the monopoly pricing of meat products by big traders and cartels. It also asserted that all-out importation which is now being railroaded by the regime will not address the inflation of pork, chicken, and other meat products.

On the same day, Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order which will impose a price ceiling of ₱270 per kilo on pork shoulder, ₱300 on pork belly, and ₱160 on chicken. This will be implemented this February 8.

Subsidize hog raisers, consumers