CPP assures humanitarian corridor for Covid-19 vaccines


The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) assured the public that a humanitarian corridor will be opened for the safe and unimpeded passage of Covid-19 vaccines in guerrilla base areas and zones. It is a matter of principle for the NPA to respect all humanitarian undertakings that benefit the masses.

The Party strongly suggested that the transportation, distribution and inoculation drive of Covid-19 vaccines especially in the interior areas be handled by the International Committee of the Red Cross whose personnel are properly trained and who have the facilities to undertake such missions.

The Party also suggested against transporting vaccines using military vehicles, especially those not properly marked and carrying armed soldiers.

At present, vaccines which Duterte promised the people have yet to be delivered. The delivery of vaccines from the World Health Organization was delayed as the regime failed to enact a requisite indemnification law. The Philippines is now left at the mercy of the agency as the majority of the global vaccine supply has already been monopolized by rich countries.

Instead of allotting adequate funds to ensure the inoculation of priority sectors, the regime is pushing local governments, private companies and pharmacies to act on their own. This will further result in unequal distribution of vaccines.

CPP assures humanitarian corridor for Covid-19 vaccines