House Bill contravenes "presumption of innocence"


The Makabayan Bloc strongly opposed a bill which hurdled the Congress last March 2 which contravenes the basic right of the accused to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

It said that the House Bill No. 7814 will deny suspected drug suspects of their right to due process.

Under this bill, a person is presumed guilty as a protector or coddler of illegal drugs on the mere basis that they know someone who is a drug exporter or importer and help them evade arrest.

A person who is found to have in his possession a receipt or any document in connection with drug importation and export is also automatically presumed guilty. Any evidence showing that money was transferred to a drug importer or exporter would also be considered a proof of consent. The bill also has many other provisions which contravene the basic rights of individuals whether they are actually involved in illegal drugs or not.

House Bill contravenes "presumption of innocence"