Red fighters' common objective

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Red fighters may come from various walks of life but they are linked by a common aspiration for revolutionary change. In the New People’s Army (NPA), oppressed classes and sectors unite to serve the masses, consolidate their strength and change the society.

Ka Kiko, 19, now bears the onus of his elderly parents. Due to landlessness, he was left with no other option but to work for a landlord. He works day and night only to sell his corn harvest for a paltry sum. “Buyers always initially refuse to buy my corn saying that it has high moisture content. In the end, they still buy it but at an extremely low price.”

He was recruited to the Kabataang Makabayan where he learned how it is possible to change this system and forge a better future. Later on, he decided to join the people’s army.

Ka Yoyo was just 14 years old when he first experienced the cruelty of the military. Once, he and his uncle were fetching water when they were mauled by soldiers who accused them of being members of the people’s army.

“I really admire Red fighters. Whenever they meet the masses, Red fighters always ensure the residents’ wellbeing and ask them about about the prices of corn and fertilizer. Soldiers on the other hand, when meeting the masses, would always ask “where is the NPA?.” Ka Yoyo joined the NPA when he reached the proper age.

To convince Ka Yoyo to go back home, the military harassed his parents. They also offered him a new house and a carabao. Ka Yoyo stood firm and refused the offer, prompting the soldiers to evict his family from the barrio. This has furthered his anger against the enemy.

It’s been seven years since he was beaten by the soldiers. He believes that this will not happen again as he is now with the people’s army which is defending the oppressed masses and will defeat the enemy.

Ka Laura and Ka Eunice also aspire to change the system where employers exploit the intellect and skills of professionals like them. As a journalist in a big newspaper company, Ka Laura suffered from low wages and benefits. Through her work, she came to discover about the rottenness of politicians who exploit small journalists like her to prettify their notorious reputation as officials.

Ka Laura resigned after realizing that she could no longer serve a hypocritical institution and decided to join an organization for social action which advocates for children’s rights. From then on, Ka Laura began to as a full-time activist. She had the opportunity to integrate with different people, until one time when she integrated in a peasant community where she first interacted with Red fighters. Later on, she decided to become a full-time member of the people’s Army.

Ka Laura continues to write, not for big companies, but for the revolution.

Ka Eunice, on her part, came to realize the importance of the role of intellectuals in the revolution. In her six months in the people’s army, she was able to hold literacy classes and teach both Red fighters and masses. Prior to joining the people’s army, she worked as a teacher for six years. She has a bachelor’s degree in AB English. In the Red army, she continues to serve as a teacher for comrades and masses.

Red fighters' common objective