"Do not rely on the US to defend the Philippines"—CPP


The Philippines should not rely on the US to defend the West Philippine Sea against Chinese encroachment. This was the Party’s statement on the opening of the 10-day Balikatan 2020 last April 13.

The annual US and Philippine army joint exercises are currently being held in various parts of Luzon with fewer participants (736 Filipino soldiers and 225 American) compared to previous iterations.
The US is making it appear that through Balikatan, the Philippines can count on the US in its fight against China’s invasion of the Philippine seas through its militia ve­ssels, Coast Guard, and big fi­shing vessels.

In fact, Balikatan is one the US key activities to train the AFP as support its units in its overseas operations, particularly in the Asia-Pacific. As in the past, the Balikatan will demonstrate and reinforce US control over the doctrine and operations of hte AFP. It will intensify its counterinsurgency operations which victimizes the Filipino people.

“The Balikatan this year is made more contemptuous in the face of the AFP’s war of suppression in the countryside,” according to the Party. In contrast, the AFP’s long reliance on the US army has made it incapable of defending the nation’s territory on its own.

"Do not rely on the US to defend the Philippines"—CPP