DUTERTE WAKASAN NA. “Du­terte Wakasan Na,” a formation set to unite all forces aiming to end the Du­terte regime and its destructive and failed policies was launched online last June 3. The coordinators criticized the planned tandem of father-daughter Rodrigo and Sara Duterte for the 2022 presidential elections.

This formation was the offshoot of the “Save the Nation! Duterte Resign!” petition initiated by health wor­kers.

PROTEST AGAINST BACIWA-PRIME­WATER. Bacolod City Water District (BACIWA) workers protested last May 3 in front of the house of its director Mona Dia Hardin in Bacolod City to oppose the illegal dismissal of 60 workers and the selling of BACIWA to Villar’s Primewater.

PROTESTA DE MAYO. Wearing traditional Flores de Mayo costumes, teachers picketed in front of the Department of Edu­cation head­quar­ters last May 28 to demand the re­lease of the budget their internet allo­wance, just wages and other benefits.

MOBILIZATION FOR AID. Successive protests were launched by democratic organization during the last week of May to demand a ₱10,000-aid for all, ₱100-wage sub­sidy and ₱15,000-production sub­sidy. This was prior to Congress’ approval of the Bayanihan 3, which allots a measly ₱2,000-aid for all and ₱30-billion to ₱45-billion funds for workers, farmers and repatriated Filipino workers. A ₱54.6-billion pension fund for retired military officials was inser­ted into the bill. While voting for the bill, the Makabayan bloc called on the people to call for more significant aid.