Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the once great Communist Party of China

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This month of July, the international proletariat commemorates the 100th year of the once great and correct Communist Party of China (CPC). While the CPC remains in power, it is now controlled and led by the state monopoly capitalists and big bourgeoisie in China.

In a statement last July 1, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) declared that it is just to mark and celebrate the 55-year golden history of CPC leadership of the national democratic and socialist revolution in China (1921-1976); and expose and repudiate its history of treachery to the proletariat and the restoration of the capitalist system and exploitation since 1976.

According to the CPP, under Mao Zedong’s leadership, the CPC treaded the correct path in its first 55 years from which lessons and inspiration should be drawn. The CPP pointed out how the CPC led the national democratic revolution and ended the semicolonial and semifeudal system. The CPP recalled the steps China took from completing land reform and advancing socialism across the entire society.

The CPP pointed the importance of the CPC leading the cultural revolution to make democracy bloom and teach the masses how to wield and use political power to pursue progress in China and raise the quality of life of the Chinese masses.

At the same time, the Party denounced the past 45 years reign of the modern revisionists in the CPC who betrayed socialism and brought China back to the capitalist road. The CPC leadership was seized in 1976 by the modern revisionists led by Deng Xiapoing who overturned the victories of socialism. Today, the CPC is no longer a party of the proletariat, rather of the state monopoly bourgeoisie who use state power to aggrandize wealth from exploiting the masses of workers.

The CPP pointed out to how the CPC turned its back against the toiling masses. In agriculture, it dismantled the communes and collectives and made farmers with small parcels of land to fend for themselves resulting in widespread poverty and hunger. In industry, they took away the power of workers and restored wage slavery. Foreign capitalists were attracted with dirt-cheap wages of millions of workers to expand capitalism in China and allow the big bureaucrat capitalists to accumulate superprofits. China is now a powerful imperialist country that exploits and oppresses peoples in different parts of the world.

The oppressed workers and peasants in China must again wage revolution. The situation is extremely favorable to bring together the proletarian revolutionaries and reestablish a genuine communist party who can lead a resurgence of socialist revolution in China.

(Read the CPP’s complete statement: On the centennial of the once great Communist Party of China)

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the once great Communist Party of China