Protest actions


Fight for the safe reopening of schools. Member organizations of the Back to Scho­ol Net­work-Pa­nay submitted a petition at the local office of CHEd and DepEd in Iloi­lo City on July 22 to demand the safe reopening of schools. They also demanded the regional agencies to provide a ₱10,000-aid to all students.

Students of the Holy Angel Univer­sity (HAU) protested in front of their school campus in Ange­les City, Pam­pa­nga on their first day of classes on July 15. They instisted that admi­nistration should heed their five-point list of demands for remote learning. Student leaders also appealed at the office of the university president on the same day.

Solidarity amid ECQ. The Defend Jobs Phi­lip­pi­nes moun­ted a campaign called Flag Bri­ga­de PH last August 6 wherein they conducted house-to-house drop­ping and collection of food donations. The group earlier distributed flaglets with various colors (orange for those who will donate; red for those who need donations) to indicate the particular needs and contribution of approximately 200 families in Sam­pa­loc, Ma­ni­la. The group said that the campaign is part of the movement to hold the regime accountable for its failure to aid residents amid the third en­hanced community quaran­tine in Met­ro Ma­ni­la.

Rollback oil prices. Workers under the Ki­lu­sang Ma­yo Uno mounted a picket protest near Philcoa in Quezon City on August 4 to condemn the new round of increases in prices of petroleum products and LPG. The price of gasoline increased by ₱1.05/liter, and ₱0.75/lit­ro and ₱0.80/lit­ro for ke­ro­se­ne and die­sel respectively.

Protest actions