The Marcos family's full restoration to power

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The Marcoses have fully returned to power as Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was proclaimed as the 17th president of the reactionary government of the Republic of the Philippines last May 25. At the same time, the Dutertes have perpetuated their rule with Sara Duterte’s victory as vice president.

The Marcoses flaunted their power steal when the whole family climbed the rostrum in front of the Congress’ joint session, led by their matriarch Imelda, who should have been imprisoned.

Majority of the members of Congress, dominated by political dynasties, applauded this “historical” event. The Makabayan bloc was the only group which expressed extreme anger by shouting their nay vote and walking out of the halls during the proclamation.

The Communist Party of the Philippines called the celebrations of the Marcoses as a “big insult to the collective memory of the Filipino people” who revolted and drove them away. Outside Congress, the event spurred the anger of many and the call to imprison Imelda, who was convicted in November 2018 with 77 years of imprisonment for seven counts of graft, reverberated.

Tyrant and technocrat’s government

As expected, Marcos Jr. rewarded his minions and allies with cabinet positions. This included clans which benefited under his father’s dictatorial rule.

To ensure the continuing waves of disinformation and control the narrative, Victor Rodriguez, his long time chief of staff and spokesperson during the campaign season, was appointed as Executive Secretary. He appointed Rose Beatrice Cruz-Angeles, a vlogger who ran his troll farms which were utilized to revise history, as Press Secretary.

Sara Duterte will serve as secretary of the Department of Education while her spokesperson Christina Garcia-Frasco will occupy the Department of Tourism. Broadcaster Erwin Tulfo (brother of senator-elect Raffy Tulfo and former Tourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo) will serve as secretary for the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Neoliberal technocrats left his “economic team” untouched and were further perpetuated. This is composed of Benjamin Diokno as Department of Finance secretary, Felipe Medalla as Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas governor, Alfredo Pascual in the Department of Trade and Industry, and Arsenio Balisacan in the National Economic and Development Authority.

Meanwhile, he appointed Jesus Crispin Remulla, son of Juanito Remulla Sr. who was one of Marcos Sr.’s rabid minions, as Department of Justice secretary. Remulla had earned the ire of the people after he red-tagged attendees of a Leni-Kiko rally in Cavite.

Another daughter of a Marcos minion was appointed in the Department of Migrant Workers. Susan Ople, daughter of former Minister of Labor Blas Ople who was head propagandist of the “Bagong Lipunan,” was handpicked. Former Manila Rep. Zenaida Angping, another loyalist, will head the Presidential Management Staff.

Meanwhile, police violently dispersed the march of progressive groups from the Commission on Human Rights to the Congress on the day of the proclamation.

Rallyists were waterbombed and clubbed which wounded 14. Since the evening of May 24, police were stationed in the area. The violent dispersal earned widespread condemnation.

The Marcos family's full restoration to power