Communist Party of Brazil: Condolence message on the death of Comrade Jose Maria Sison


Brazil, December 18, 2022

To the Communist Party of the Philippines – CPP

To the New People’s Army – NPA

To the proletariat and the masses of the Philippines

With deep grief, the Communist Party of Brazil- P.C.B. addresses the Communist Party of the Philippines-(CPP), its Central Committee, the New People’s Army, its commanders and combatants, as well as the masses that are led by the CPP, to pay the most heartfelt condolence for the death of its founding chairman, Comrade Jose Maria Sison. Allow us to also extend our feelings to all his relatives and beloved ones.

Comrade Jose Maria Sison has played a fundamental role for the proletarian revolutionary movement in the Philippines and stood out as a prominent personality for the International Communist Movement in the last five decades. His death saddens the heart of the international proletariat and oppressed peoples of the whole world.

Under the direct influence of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, Comrade Jose Maria Sison stood in the first rows of the struggle against Khrushchevist revisionism, founded the Communist Party of the Philippines under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, formed the New People’s Army and the armed struggle was initiated under the flag of the People’s War as the path to carry out the Revolution of New Democracy uninterrupted to Socialism. Today, after more than fifty years of heroic sacrifices of communists, combatants, and masses, this flag is still waving and shining before the world.

Comrade Jose Maria Sison has also played a decisive role in the struggle against the Right Opportunist Line that tried to liquidate the People’s War in the 1980s. During the 1990s, with the Campaign for Maoism that was initiated by Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru in 1982, Comrade Jose Maria Sison advanced in recognizing that Marxism had developed into Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

These great feats of Comrade Jose Maria Sison are indelible contributions to the World Proletarian Revolution and to the International Communist Movement and should never be forgotten. We are confident that this great legacy will continue illuminating the proletariat and the people of the Philippines and that, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the NPA will continue developing the Revolution of a New Democracy through the invincible Protracted People’s War until its complete triumph, serving the world proletarian revolution.

In the last years, the International Communist Movement has raised the two line struggle against all revisionism and opportunism in order to reunify the International Communist Movement under Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the sole and undefeated ideology of the international proletariat. This objective was materialized in the struggle for holding a Unified Maoist International Conference- UMIC and the foundation of a New International Organization of the Proletariat. On the course of this objective, a great two line struggle on the fundamental problems of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the World Proletarian Revolution – both historical and current ones – was developed. During this process, Comrade Sison represented diverging points of view from the positions of the left in the International Communist Movement. Unfortunately, these serious divergences could not be carried out in an organized, broad, and deep way in order to reach a true unity of principles and will. His premature death in a moment where a great leap in the unity of communists was given with the materialization of the UMIC and the Foundation of the International Communist League is a serious setback for the International Communist Movement. However, we are confident that the two line struggle will continue developing, which would lead to the unity of communists in a higher level.

Dear comrades,

Today, when imperialism has given a leap in its process of general decomposition, which deepened all the fundamental contradictions in the world, it is an urgent and necessary task to put Maoism at the command and guide of the revolutionary struggles of the proletariat, the oppressed peoples and nations – of the World Proletarian Revolution – through constitution or reconstituting Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Contributions of Universal Validity of Chairman Gonzalo, Militarized Communist Parties to initiate People’s Wars in all countries where it was not initiated yet.

These days, our country – Brazil – is also going through decisive days for revolution. The struggle between revolution and counterrevolution in entering a new stage and grand leaps are being generated. In this moment, the example of the CPP and the People’s War that was initiated under the direct command of Comrade Jose Maria Sison are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Brazilian Communists, from which we seek to draw lessons and learn from.

These days of grief for the international proletariat, the Communist Party of Brazil- P.C.B. calls all its militants, combatants, and masses that struggle under its leadership to pay the most heartfelt homage to Comrade Jose Maria Sison and to study his path and celebrate his life.

Long Live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Long Live the New People’s Army!

Long Live the People’s War in the Philippines!

Honor and glory to Comrade Jose Maria Sison!

Communist Party of Brazil- P.C.B.

Communist Party of Brazil: Condolence message on the death of Comrade Jose Maria Sison