ILPS: Tribute to a teacher, visionary, revolutionary—Comrade Joma Sison

Dear Comrade Joma Sison passed away on the 16th of December, 2022 after two weeks hospitalisation. We wish to express our sincerest condolences to Julie De Lima, Joma’s life-long partner and comrade-in-arms, their children and their relatives.

Comrade Joma will be very greatly missed by millions of people across the globe. We give him a red salute.

Comrade Joma was a revolutionary, leading the way forward to the liberation of the Filipino people and the people of the world. He devoted his life to the overthrow of imperialism and other exploiting social systems.

Comrade Joma was a teacher who helped us understand history and the world as it is so that we could improve our efforts to change the world for the people. He fought continuously right to his death to expose the revisionists, the capitalist roaders in the former socialist countries who have demonstrated their vile treachery in working to restore capitalism in some former socialist countries.

Joma was a visionary who showed us the way forward to a new world of democracy, freedom, independence and Socialism for a bright future for all. He correctly alerted the world’s proletariat to the vital importance of Mao Zedong and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) in China, which will be required in some form in the future in socialist countries in order to safeguard the revolution from capitalist restoration.

What must be understood is that following the Second World War, over one third of the world’s people lived under the socialist system, and millions more in the colonial and semi colonial world were being inspired by socialism to struggle for their independence and liberation.

Just think of the USSR, China, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea etc.

Had that momentum continued, it is conceivable that two thirds or more of the worlds people would be living under socialism today. What stopped that momentum?

As Joma reminded us on many occasions, the revisionists, the capitalist roaders in each of the socialist countries took advantage of the deaths of Stalin and Mao Zedong and along with the support from imperialism laid the basis for the restoration of capitalism by destroying all the magnificent achievements of the people in those countries.

As Joma reminded us, Mao Zedong and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which lasted about 10 years achieved some important victories for socialism in that time but ultimately was defeated. The lessons from that must be learned and revisionism must be fought and defeated.

One of many of Joma’s lasting contributions to the world’s people was his contribution to the rebuilding of the peoples’ global movement against imperialism and particularly against US Imperialism which has been the most rapacious, war-like and vicious imperialist country in the world.

One of his contributions in this regard was the planning, launch and operation of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS ) which has continued for over 20 years doing magnificent work in exposing and opposing the imperialist wars, imperialist exploitation and imperialist robbery. This is one of Joma’s finest legacies.

Joma knew that the revisionists, the capitalist roaders, and other opportunists, had committed and were committing treachery by working to cover up the crimes of imperialism and even by collaborating with imperialism in committing those crimes.

To mobilise the people against the common enemy was what had to be done and done it was.

The ILPS has grown into the biggest and most effective peoples’ mass organisation fighting for democracy and against imperialism and imperialist exploitation with hundreds of peoples mass organisations as members across the globe and is still growing and advancing.

This was one of the many long- lasting achievements of Comrade Joma, the visionary. Joma decided in 2019 to retire from his position as ILPS Chairperson to concentrate on writing which of course the world desperately needed.

I was asked to become the Chairperson. It was impossible to fill his shoes in that role, but he helped enormously by agreeing to become the newly established Chairperson Emeritus of ILPS.

This enabled Joma to continue to guide, help and be involved, all- be-it at a different level. We will be forever grateful for his decision, which was a huge assistance over those years since 2019.

We will miss dear comrade Joma so much. We will miss his infectious sense of humour, his biting analysis of the world’s contradictions, his important writings and his internationalism. We must all step up and reread his important writings and books.

We will never forget his massive contributions in the service of the world’s peoples and particularly the Filipino People.

Comrade Joma has left us an enormous legacy which guides us in fighting imperialism, in fighting for revolution, in serving the working class and other toilers, in changing the world for a bright socialist future.

We will remember you always Joma. We will step up.

Long live the beloved memory of Comrade Joma Sison!

Long live his cherished internationalism and international solidarity!

Long live his constant drive to overthrow imperialism!

Len Cooper, Chairperson
International League of Peoples Struggle


ILPS: Tribute to a teacher, visionary, revolutionary—Comrade Joma Sison