P. CARC: Rest in peace and rest in power, comrade Jose Maria Sison!


Party of the Committees Supporting Resistance – for Communism (P. CARC)
National Direction

Milan, December 18, 2022

We have learned with great regret of the passing of Ka Joma, comrade Jose Maria Sison, a comrade who dedicated his life to the cause of socialist revolution in the Philippines, from whom communists around the world can and should take example and inspiration, a figure of reference for all those who want to build socialist revolution in their own country and globally.

Ka Joma in 1970 founded the Communist Party of the Philippines and theNew Peoples Army. He as well was a leader of the International League of People’s Rights, the International League of People Struggle, one of the most important coordinations of people’s organizations in the world.

We as representative of the CARC Party have had the pleasure of meeting the comrade on several occasions, in the context of relations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and ILPS.

Over the past two decades our Party and the bodies of which Sison has been a promoter and leader, the National Democratic Front, the ILPS, and the CP of the Philippines have never failed to express solidarity with each other on every occasion that we have and they have faced repression.

On many occasions we Italian comrades and the Filipino comrades have been present at each other’s congresses, international initiatives, national festivals, in different parts of Italy, Europe and the world.

Comrade Sison, his life and the lessons derived from his experience of the class struggle, live on in the hearts and minds of all comrades in the Philippines and the rest of the world fighting for socialism.

Let’s comrade Sison rest in peace and rest in power!

Comrade Sison walks by our side!

Long live to socialist revolution in the Philippines!

Long live the International Communist Movement!

For the National Direction of the CARC Party
The International Working Group

P. CARC: Rest in peace and rest in power, comrade Jose Maria Sison!